Liz Earle New Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish - Sweet Orange and Mint


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Just had email from LE advertising new limited edition C&P if anyone's interested. Price is £19.75 for 150ml pump with free p+p. I can't see it on the website though but if you search for orange and mint it comes up:

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Sweet Orange & Mint combines zesty notes of sweet orange oil with the refreshing aroma of just-crushed peppermint, leaving you feeling radiantly revitalised. As the days get shorter, it’s the perfect way to brighten your beauty regime, and this is your chance to discover it before anyone else… What’s more, as a Cleanse & Polish VIP, you’ll receive free UK priority delivery on your entire order when you purchase it before Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

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