Liz Earle New Skin Repair Coming Soon


Liz Earle New Skin Repair Coming Soon in a Choice of Rich, Soft or Gel


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I don't like the regular moisturiser it smells of a 99p face cream that Avon sold its sandalwood very old fashioned imo
I liked the formula. I.m.e. altered formulations=worsened/cheapened.


VIP Shopper
I could never stand the smell of the original moisturisers. I know people said the Superskin one smelt like fish! But I never noticed it.


VIP Shopper
I think it has a cod liver oil smell imo even with the Neroli I can smell it. does not bother me as its the best moisturiser I have ever used
I've not really thought it smelled of cod liver oil - more like linseed oil to me (putty)... but nobody smells things exactly the same as another person.

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