Liz Earle summer sale


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Thanks as I've been looking to buy Eyebright (probably the only thing I don't have a stash of!) and didn't want to pay full price for one or buy it as part of a set which would have lots of things I just don't need. The sale is good with the free postage as well.


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Thanks LBA,
I've stocked up on some shampoo which sadly is the only thing I still regularly use from the range now. Five years ago, my stash was pretty much all LE, but these days, the quality just isn't there anymore unfortunately.


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Liz Earle website is offering another 5% off some items today with free postage until midnight i think, i saved £30 on some of the bodycare products, my other half loves the mens bodywash so I even treated him to justify my purchase 😀


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I ordered 3 eyebright with 20% off and free postage. Arrived in 3days. Just ordered a super skin oil, with an extra £5 off.( and free postage) The ridiculous high cost of QVC p&p stops me ordering from them.
That’s the set I got ... and for the same reasons 👍

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