Liz Earle TSV 18/12/21


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I wonder if it will be the shampoo? I liked that when I tried it but haven't had any for a while so I don't know if it's still the same formula.



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I wonder if it will be the shampoo? I liked that when I tried it but haven't had any for a while so I don't know if it's still the same formula.

It slightly changed a few years ago CC. I’m not sure what they did but I definitely noticed that the smell just wasn’t exactly the same anymore but I didn’t think to compare the ingredients with the old bottle before it went for recycling. Thankfully it does still work for me so hopefully they won’t tinker with it again after the IBST fiasco as it’s the only LE product I still use. Sad really when it used to be my go to brand.




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Looks like the new version of Instant boost and the Eye Bright that many are complaining about.

Boots/Walgreens really seem to be pushing the Liz Earle brand now. In store, they seem to have 15% off the brand nearly non-stop at the moment.
It seems to be non stop offers….
25% off in boots, 25% off on the website, and this months special set looks very like the No. 15 smelly TSV….

And they are posting disclaimers on a few items regarding packaging… noticed it on the superskin concentrate. Stating they are repackaging but it’s the same item etc…. Yeah right, we’ve heard that one before.. I was going to buy some of that oil in the sale but have to say that has put me off…

I still think LE as a brand are in trouble…. They are just flogging the products so much


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I'm not sure they are in trouble but would certainly not be doing as well as in the past. I think I read that they had made redundancies at some point.

Over the last couple of years they have brought out a lot of new products in quick succession, whereas before it was maybe once a year. They keep doing new flavours. It just seems a bit desperate.

They have ruined eyebright completely. Even the new bottle is hopeless. (QVC did have the old bottles in stock so I have a stash). New tonic is rubbish. New skin repair, I prefer this to the old one but most don't. I still use C&P but there is a lot of alternatives out there. Surely if they are updating their packaging then the pumps will have to go as these can't be recycled.

How can they stand there and say that only the packaging has been updated, when almost all the recent reviews tell a different tale.

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