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Item no:201884

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Hand Lotion & Body Wash
QVC Price: £33.76
Bargain Hunter Price :

P&P: £4.95

Hand and body duo from L'Occitane. Features a hand & body lotion, and an ultra rich hand & body wash. Soothe and pamper your hands and body with this luxurious set from L'Occitane.

Tolerance dermatologically tested


1 x Ultra Rich Hands & Body Wash (500ml) – enriched with 5 per cent shea milk as well as soothing oat milk, this foaming cream gently works to cleanse the hands and body, respecting the natural balance of the epidermis
1 x Lotion For Hands & Body (300ml) – rich in shea butter and honey extract, this light, fluid lotion helps to balance the drying effects of hard water to leave skin feeling soft and comforted


Item no:201887
L'Occitane 3 Piece African Shea Collection
QVC Price: £28.00
Bargain Hunter Price :

P&P: £3.95


African Shea collection from L'Occitane. Features a trio of body cream, hand cream and lip balm, all rich in natural extracts and shea butter from Sub-Saharan Africa. Treat your body to some TLC the L'Occitane way with this luxurious and gorgeously scented trio.


1 x Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream (100ml) –this sumptuous body cream, enriched with natural extracts, helps to protect, hydrate and delicately perfume the skin
1 x Shea Hand Cream (30ml) – compactly sized so you can pop it in your handbag, this luxurious hand cream is enriched with shea butter, honey and almond extracts
1 x Organic Shea Lip Balm (15ml) – this gorgeous balm is rich in fair trade shea butter; apply all day long to help moisturise, repair and protect dry and chapped lips


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I don't like the lip balm at all even though I love lots of L'Occitane products. Otherwise that second one sounds good value.


I don't like the lip balm at all even though I love lots of L'Occitane products. Otherwise that second one sounds good value.

i bought my mum the original lip balm from john lewis when they had a 10% price match event and she loves it


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L'Occitane 7 Piece Lavender His & Hers Collection
QVC Price: £37.08
Bargain Hunter Price :

P&P: £4.95

Seven-piece Lavender His & Hers Collection from L'Occitane. Features an assortment of bathtime treats including soap, shower gel and hand wash - all delicately scented with lavender. Presented in a stylish L'Occitane tote bag, this would make the perfect gift for someone who needs a bit of pampering.


1 x Lavender Hand Wash (250ml) - rich in lavender essential oil and wheat protein derivative, this gel cleanses and refreshes hands, leaving them feeling soft and lightly fragranced
1 x Bonne Mere Soap Lavender (125g) - for hands and body, made with a pure plant base, in the Marseille tradition of soap-making
1 x Lavender Organic Shower Gel (75ml) - enriched with relaxing lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, this shower gel gently cleanses the skin while leaving behind a subtle, pleasant scent
1 x L'Occitan Shower Gel (75ml) - this shower gel gently cleanses the skin and hair, leaving the pleasantly aromatic and spicy fragrance of Eau de L'occitan
1 x L'Occitan After Shave Balm (30ml) - immediately soothes the skin, preventing redness and feeling of tightness. Its light and fluid texture melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue so skin feels soft and comfortable, and is lightly perfumed with the aromatic and spicy l'Occitan scent
1 x L'Occitan Soap (100g) - formulated with an extra-gentle 100% plant-based base, this soap gently cleanses the skin and leaves it lightly perfumed with the aromatic and spicy L'Occitan scent
1 x Lavender Fizzy Bath Pebble (50g) - rich in lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, the pebble colours and perfumes bath water for a pure moment of well being
1 x tote bag


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Seems abit overpriced to me.

L'Occitane 3 Piece Shea Body Collection

QVC Price: £40.00

Bargain Hunter Price :


P&P: £3.95


L'Occitane three-piece Shea Body Collection. Features three luxurious L'Occitane bathing products including Hand Cream to moisturise hands, Body Lotion to help deal with dry skin and Foot Cream to relieve irritated and tired feet. Keep your body, hands and feet smooth with this luxurious three-piece set.

•1 x Shea Hand Cream (75ml)
•1 x Shea Body Lotion (250ml)
•1 x Shea Foot Cream (75ml)


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This was at an Anniversary price but its been changed to a Bargain Hunter price.

L'Occitane Limited Edition Hand Cream & Body Lotion

QVC Price: £29.76

Bargain Hunter Price :


P&P: £3.95


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L'Occitane 5 Piece Freshen Up Shower Collection

QVC Price: £23.00

Bargain Hunter Price :


P&P: £3.95

Five-piece Freshen Up Shower Collection by L'Occitane. Features a collection of shower jellies and shower gels. With fresh, natural scents that are suitable for both men and women, this stunning collection of L'Occitane shower gels will leave your skin feeling softly cleansed and delicately perfumed.


•1 x Del Fruits Gelee Douche (75ml) - this uniquely textured shower jelly gently cleanses the skin while leaving it perfumed with sweet and sparkling fragrance of candied fruit zest
•1 x Green Tea Shower Gel (75ml) - infused with our unique and fresh Green Tea fragrance and quinine bark extract to rebalance and revitalize
•1 x L'Occitan Shower Gel (75ml) - lavender blended with the peppery, nutmeg scent of burnt wood to help purify the body and cleanse the hair
•1 x Verbena Shower Gel (75ml) - essential oils of verbena, orange, geranium and lemon tree smooth and nurture even the most sensitive skin, and fill the room with a winning aroma
•1 x Cologne Citrus Shower Gel (75ml) - contains the essential oils of Mediterranean bergamot and grapefruit

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