LOL Give Anne a Pill


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Anne is on form this afternoon with Sara McNamara skin care. I've never seen such an enthusiastic hour on Qvc. Mind you her skin looks lovely today.:talking:


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I was really looking forward to this show but AD spoilt it by being in hyper active mode Sarah was interrupted so many times very rude.

Sydney Starlett

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On the contrary I thought Ann's skin looked caked in make-up, not great when your doing a skin care show. I had to switch her off, she was even more unbearable than usual. I only saw the first 2 items and on both of these presentations by the time old Dawson had finished spouting utter C%[email protected] they were sold out before Sara M had a chance to talk us through them. So so irritating!


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I came on here to say just the same. I felt embarrassed for the guest and QVC should issue some sort of apology. I don't want to know what AD thinks, I want to know about the product and how to use it. Why have an expert guest on at all if they're not going to be allowed to speak?! It completely ruined the show and why does she have to shout? She knew she was doing it too as she kept saying that she'd let the guest have a word. Someone should have just switched her mic off. Don't the gallery have any control over the shows?

Sydney Starlett

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Switch her mic off? Could they also put a bag over her head?

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