Look Fantastic - 35% off Elemis plus BF code

Dame Fondacox

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I've spent far more than I care to think of on LF. There's some particularly good deals on Elemis such as...

PC Overnight Matrix which is £96.00 for 50mls, with free P&P compared to £94.00 for 30mls plus £1.95 P&P with Q.

Elemis Ice Cool Shaving Gel at £16.25 each compared Q are offering this duo for £38.00 plus £2.95 P&P.

You get a further discount at checkout by entering BFBEAUTY (not sure how long that's available for) but it makes it more competitive than the BF offers the DHS stores are making (I had several EL products in my JL basket with 20 percent off, which I got further discounts on when I switched to LF).

Happy shopping everyone!

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