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I am totally into Jewellery Maker at the moment - new addiction!

I never liked Lucy on the Gems channels but OMG she is superb on JM. Really really lovely. To me, she's like the Angeline equivalent on Gems ie she can sell me anything! Consequently, I'm now surrounded by beads, thread, wire, boxes, kits ....................... :up:


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Lucy's my favourite as well. I love how she throws herself into it!!!She really makes me laugh. Enjoy your new addiction, I've been addicted for around 18 months. My name is Ann and I'm an addict LOL !!! xxx


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I've made 3 necklaces and 1 bracelet (in a week), shopped till I've dropped and have sore fingers and eyes! My wire work with a gizmo is "interesting" and I've yet to perfect the technique but I'm dreaming about beading/threading/wiring etc.

My name is Meeshoo and Lucy has made me an addict!


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wow I love the last necklace. Very well done I wouldn't have the patience!


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These are smashing Meesh, and without intent to patronise - well done! There's no turning back now you know, no doubt you can see now why I love this programme so much and still have not tired of it. I have to say that Carol get's my first vote every time, but Lucy is a really tight second. She drove me crackers on Gems, but this channel seems to be exactly right for her and I think she's played a major role in making it what it is. If it weren't for the blimmin' "what is it", "potato" (which seems to be gradually disappearing) they'd probably be head-to-head. What I like about Carol is first that she is totally crackers in the right way, always the same - full of beans and naturally funny, doesn't rely on the "in" TV programmes for her vocabulary and is never moody (I'm not for one minute saying that Lucy is either of the latter two).

I only have a couple of whinges about JM and that's the endless "Chinese jade" - they must know by now what it is and to be honest always should have. I refuse to sell mine as "jade" as I know Brits expect nephrite when buying jade. I have to say "probably quartzite (a very lowly mineral) but not certain" and sell it as I would man-made, i.e. no claims as to what it is. I don't think calling it "Chinese jade" (people who don't watch JM will expect this to be nephrite from China) is anywhere good enough for sales in Britain. Another is findings - horrendously expensive, and generally unimaginitive, so no sale. Lastly, "shell" pearl, I really can't call these natural. Powdered shell reconstituted, reformed and dyed in a factory. Small things in the grand scheme and which I'm happy to accept given how much pleasure I get from the channel in general. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Arge I agree about the "Chinese Jade" and "shell" pearl but at least they put it in quote marks or tell you it's reconstituted. I have no intention of selling mine on so this isn't a worry for me but I understand your concerns.

BTW I like Carol marginally better on this channel BUT she talks so fast that things get lost and even my little 'un commented on her speed! What I find absolutely patronising is a certain presenter (neither of the two mentioned here) constantly using what I can only describe as TOWIE language.

Overall though I do like this channel but I can see unless you sell your creations, it'll become a very expensive hobby!

I've just finished my first wirework necklace. I really enjoyed this but cut the beading thread too short so had to add some jump rings to make it fit! lol!



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Meesh - you are funny - don't hang about do you? Are you training for the necklace makers' olympics? xxxxxxxx


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Meesh - you are funny - don't hang about do you? Are you training for the necklace makers' olympics? xxxxxxxx
I know Arge - I don't do things by halves do I? I'm really enjoying it. Hopefully I'll get better 'cos these are a bit rough. I think I'm better when I'm copying a design but I'm really having a good time doing it!

Got a very large order on it's way (ouch for my c/card) so I think I'll be playing for the next few weeks! Strangely, hubby doesn't seem to mind me doing this - he probably thinks it's a cheaper option than buying gemstones! lol


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Well done.....

Just catching up with this thread Meesh, thought you had been quiet recently, now I know why. Lol
Thanks for the piccies, great use of some unusual beads and love all your colourful designs. The last wirework necklace is very attractive, some photos of you wearing your super creations please? :happy:

The findings are pricey on JM, I get my stuff from
I just enjoy browsing their website. No doubt other folks will have their favourite sources.

PS what does TOWIE mean, keep seeing it, probably a generational thing....:blush:


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Thank you for the link Sacha. I hadn't found that website and will go and have a look. I actually bought some sensational findings from a lady on Ebay - got tons of really pretty clasps for only a few quid so will be buying more I think!

TOWIE = the only way is Essex - dreadful reality programme that (I think because I've never watched it), follows a load of Essex wannabes around. They use words like "amazballs" "lush" "totsamaz" and a host of other ridiculous words that nobody with half a brain would use! You'll probably be able to work out the presenter that's annoying me now!

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