"Lulu Guinness Accessories TSV 12/12/17


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That looks lovely; I have a bit of a tan bag fixation this year and scoured the t'interweb and DHS for the perfect one. It turned out I already had the one (from QVC) from the brand "Stone Mountain" long since dropped from Q UK. Stern note to self "Always rummage at the back of the wardrobe before buying!" It's like a bloomin Narnia of long forgotten stuff: not just bags, clothes, shoes, but shower gel, candles and skin care! I'm a bit shocked; I thought I knew the extent of my "collection"!

Oh yes, I can relate to that!


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Thanks for this. The prices even without that discount are unbelievable. Can you vouch for the quality of the leather (I assume you can or you wouldn't be recommending them)? I really don't need more bags but some of the styles and at those prices, I'm tempted!

I overcame my Lulu G fascination a year or so ago but before that, I bought a few in various sales. I cannot justify QVC prices knowing how good the LG sales are.

Love the look of the Arabella and Pina bags on the site, but wouldn't have a use for either


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I ordered my Primo Sacchi blue bag at 13.30 yesterday and it came today. Sadly I was out so it is in the Sorting Office so I shall hopefully get there tomorrow.

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