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There is a Lulu Guinness TSV on Thursday 13th December. Is the sale on her website after Christmas?
I think it started xmas eve the year before last. Can't remember last year. It's generally after xmas though. Wonder what this is going to be? Hoping SCW is reading ;)

Edited to say it was 2010 it started xmas eve, I just logged into my account! I didn't do last xmas sale, I did the summer one instead.

I hope she has some older lines in the sale as don't like much at all currently on the website.

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I won't be buying the TSV. I cannot afford her regular prices but I can't wait for the sale. Having said that I'm not liking the current collection much either.I do love a bargain though.
Further to previous posts on a LG thread, I have coming from the USA the much coveted (by me) doll face hip flask, phone sleeve and taxi luggage tag. These cost a total of £25 and my friend tells me they are OK quality for the price. I don't own any of LG's items from the UK as they are just way above my price range but it will be interesting to see what these are like. I will have a look at the sale as well as I have a big birthday next year and I think the time has come for the family to club together and buy me a decent bag :up:
I only own one of her bags and I bought it from QVC as an OTO, and I love it dearly. It is a nappa leather quilted lips Ruthie. It is unbelievingly soft. It is well made.

I was a Radley bag person and I still like them, but most of them have a gap where the zips end and I have lost things through them when I travel.

not wishing to be alarmist, but it is entirely possible that she *may* not have an online sale this year, what with opening the new outlet shop :(

I hope she does - I quite like a couple of things in the more recent collections.

I think that late on i will hold out for the Lulu Guinness online sale and hopefully get something at a decent price! Unless of course the TSV is really special and then.........!!!
I'm not buying no matter what. I don't NEED another handbag and the handbag I WANT is the Mulberry small bayswater in black so I'm having that next or bust!!
Well, I don't like any in the current range enough to pay full price for. I would like a Pollyanna or the Nicola, but even then I think my days of paying full price are long over. As it will be a Q special I am not holding out much hope that it'll sweep me off my feet!!

In fact, I have just popped out in the middle of the hurricane with my battered brown cross body bag from Next, Mulberry style. Phone, purse, lippie that I never reapply.....I really, really don't need anything bigger!! I am happy with my collection but unless she starts doing browns or more nappa/patent I think that may be me and Lulu over :eek:

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I'm not buying no matter what. I don't NEED another handbag and the handbag I WANT is the Mulberry small bayswater in black so I'm having that next or bust!!

Just had a peep and it looks a beautiful bag. I worked with someone who had a mulberry and I spotted it instantly. I would worry about being mugged for the bag least of all for the contents
I have the same bag in fuchsia. My son bought it for my birthday and I absolutely love it. Before I got it I did think maybe I'd feel I should keep it for best or perhaps I'd feel worried about someone nicking it but I don't. I used it every day for about four months. I'm very conscious of where I put my bag down when I'm out anyway because I have had my handbag nicked once before.

But I've never had so many women coo over a handbag in my life. Not just friends but random women in shops. Even the girlie in my local posh handbag shop loves it and she sells Mulberry bags.

The question I'm asked most often by younger girls is whether or not my son is single lol.

I wouldn't want you to buy it if you're not comfortable with spending that money on a bag. But it is absolutely divine. Him in the avatar using the handbag as a bloody leaning post would you believe!!

Damn. Won't work on my phone either! Bear with me ;-)

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Sparkle Croc print Bayswater bag. Lush!!

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