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I'd like to try these but MD products are so expensive, even on the TSVs.

I think I've tried every foot treatment on the market CC and I still say that these just can't be beaten, and they're practically pennies compared to MD prices.....



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Thanks Mr M there's tons of stuff on that website and I just had to waste £20 on sheet masks and retinol products. Free delivery as well.



Margaret Dabbs London 3 Piece Supersize Hands, Legs & Feet Collection



QVC Price £100.00
Todays Special Value Price £55.00
P&P £3.95

This three-piece collection from Margaret Dabbs London features an array of incredible super-sized formulas, including bestselling Foot Hygiene Cream, hydrating Anti-Ageing Hand Serum and refreshing Firming Leg Serum. Offering targeted treatments for your hands, legs and feet, this Margaret Dabbs London selection provides serious results - and is a joy to use too.

*A great saving: If you were to buy this three-piece Supersize Hands, Legs & Feet Collection individually directly from Margaret Dabbs London you'd pay £315. So for our Today's Special Value price of just £56.98, plus P&P, you're saving £254.07.

TLC for your feet - great for growing teenagers or if you swim regularly, this collection's Foot Hygiene Cream is a multi-tasking hero formulated to help relieve dry skin, and to keep sweat-prone feet feeling fresh.

Luxury for hands - the award-winning, fast-absorbing Anti-Ageing Hand Serum aims to help reduce the signs of ageing on your hands and helps to improve the general appearance of the skin. Gently scented with geranium and mandarin, enjoy some luxury before bedtime by lightly massaging it into your hands before you go to sleep.

Give legs a lift - if your legs feel tired and heavy after a long day, the Firming Leg Serum is a fantastic product to keep in your beauty arsenal. It works to provide an instant feeling of lightness, while adding a healthy-looking radiance with its blend of moisturising oils.

A name to trust - as these products are all developed by Margaret Dabbs and based on her wealth of experience as a podiatrist, you can rest assured your feet will feel as revitalised and healthy as they do soft and silky.

Stock up with Auto Delivery - select our Auto Delivery option and receive this superb collection once more in 90 days, at this fantastic Today's Special Value price.


  • 1 x Firming Leg Serum (600ml; supersize) - helps to illuminate and refresh the skin, giving a feeling of lightness to the legs. Formulated with zingiber zerumbet extract, argon oil and abyssinia oil
  • 1 x Anti-Ageing Hand Serum (150ml; supersize) - formulated to help leave hands visibly silky and smooth. Infused with pure emu oil, lupinus albus seed extract other botanical extracts
  • 1 x Foot Hygiene Cream (150ml; supersize) - can be used every day to help keep feet feeling healthy and hydrated. Contains active ingredients emu oil, benzoic acid and salicylic acid
How to use:
Firming Leg Serum:

  • Apply the serum onto the legs and massage into the skin in light, upward strokes
Anti-Ageing Hand Serum:

  • Lightly massage a small amount of the serum onto the back of clean, dry hands
  • Can be used on your hands last thing before you go to sleep at night for maximum effect
Foot Hygiene Cream:

  • Warm in your hands and apply all over the feet and nails and between the toes
  • Use every day for a two-week period, using the foot lotion as your daily product in-between


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I think I've tried every foot treatment on the market CC and I still say that these just can't be beaten, and they're practically pennies compared to MD prices.....,-Hard-&-Cracked-Skin/Superdrug-Cracked-Heal-Balm-56gm/p/764755

Wonderful! Good to have such an enthusiastic recommendation, Mr M. I don’t have the same problems with the skin on the soles of my feet as I used to have when I wore high heels nearly every day to work and walked to and from the station, etc, but I never found a great foot product then or now. I was just planning to use up the stuff I’ve got and buy the cheapest when I next need it. Now I have this to try (pity I only did a Superdrug order last week).

As someone who has a thing about smells, I have to ask what does this smell like? I really could not stand the smell of the Margaret Dabbs stuff and had to scrub my hands to get rid of it afterwards.


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I treated myself to the MD foot file a couple of months ago and it’s fab. Long handle so I can use more pressure.


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Does she still emu oil? I seem to remember she used to bang on about it all the time when she first came to QVC. I can’t watch her for long, as her voice drives me mad!
She went quiet when the outcry of emus' being killed for a foot cream. they used to insist it was a by-product of the meat industry but strangely no one has ever seen emu on a menu or sold for meat. It is supposed to taste awful.

I want to see Maggie deal with corns, verrucas and ingrown toenails! Not just filing a bit of hard skin and rubbing cream into someone's feet.


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ml for ml

1 x Firming Leg Serum (600ml; supersize) - £135 direct cost £25.26
1 x Anti-Ageing Hand Serum (150ml; supersize) - £150 direct cost £28.07
1 x Foot Hygiene Cream (150ml; supersize) - £30 direct cost £5.62

Total direct £315 cost £58.95 incl p&p used in calculations.
Would really like this, but I already have 3 hygiene creams to use, Nanny Mcfee where are you?


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For years I suffered with awful dried skin on my heels and couldn’t get rid, I used this and it vanished in days. The most amazing thing I’ve ever used on my feet.

Honestly you don’t have to pay £60 to get your feet in great shape 😃
My diabetic nurse specialist recommended this. I use it and my MD foot file to keep my diabetic feet looking healthy.


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I mean it's a good price for a tsv almost half price...but £55 still a crazy amount of money imo! I must admit I am a bit lazy when it comes to body care, daily bath or shower and a good slathering of body lotion( when I can be bothered.) In my experience most body lotions if used religiously leave my skin looking and feeling lovely and they really don't need to cost a fortune....but making sure you use it every day is what's key, so for me it's probably best that the ones I buy don't cost a fortune! Foot care? What foot care?! They get a slather of body lotion or some peppermint foot cream on the rare occasion I give them a proper going over...I don't have cracked heels or corns and callouses, but my feet are kept clean nails kept in check, and painted. I hate my hands though always have done, they've always looked older than they are cause of fairly prominent veins...I try and keep them hidden when I can and no amount of lotions and potions are gonna change that - So again my money is saved.
Leg firming cream?....err really. Not part of the tsv but they were flogging a serum for your eyebrows and lashes - whatever next...just went over to Q's website to check out what "looney tunes" price they were asking for this product when I found myself buying a usb adjustable fan which looks absolutely amazing...£43 all in and it folds down to nothing and works as a desk fan and a floor fan and actually works whilst its still obviously the proof of the pudding will be in the testing -and it was cheaper than a cheap looking tube of cc foundation they were flogging in the same hour!


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My diabetic nurse specialist recommended this. I use it and my MD foot file to keep my diabetic feet looking healthy.
I came across it by chance, the skin on my heels was as rough as sand paper and painful when they cracked, only came on after me and the husband took early retirement, because I wasn’t on my feet as much then, I honestly tried everything so when I seen this for a fiver I thought I’d try it, wasn’t expecting much but I’m absolutely thrilled the way it’s left my heels. I’ve bought the big tub now and only use it every couple of days for maintenance to stop the build up happening again, so yeah another case of expensive isn’t always, if ever, best. 😃❤ xx

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