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May 25, 2010
From Marina's Facebook:

"Most of you will have now heard about Bid TV and Price Drop TV closing down. Thanks for all your messages - it's all very sad as both channels have been a very big part of my life.

I first started working there when I was 21 back in 2006. I remember applying to Bid TV by writing a letter to Andy Hodgson after I was caught up in the 7/7 bombings and thought life was too short not to follow your dreams. I was in a job I hated and always wanted to try my hand at presenting, so I sent a letter off to Sit Up TV and 3 months later, just when I thought I hadn't stood a chance, I had a phonecall from Gerry McCulloch asking me to come in for an audition. A few weeks after the audition at the studios, I was on my way home from the job I hated, and I got a phone call with the job offer. I was over the moon! I was due to start work on my 21st birthday but had a fall and ended up in hospital 2 days before. I remember calling my trainer Suzanne Banham from the hospital and explaining in tears what had happened, terrified I might jeopardise my chances at Bid before I had even begun working there, but she was lovely and I started a few days later.

My first ever appearance was on Bid TV with Mark Ryes. I remember looking at the list of products I had to preview and thinking "how on earth am I going to remember 3 of those to preview??" I could barely fill my 30 second count - how times change!! (A year on and they couldn't shut me up!)

I then moved to Price Drop TV full time, my first proper shift being with Richard Hardwick. I was the new girl at the channels, along with Sophie Kostrowski and we really did feel like we had our dream jobs! Richard was really funny and he made me feel really comfortable on air. Back then I would put make up on (badly) but never really know how to use it, or what suited me. The make-up artists at Bid used a lot of MAC products and I was soon totally hooked and it's all I use these days! I swear I keep that company in business! The parties we used to have were brilliant, I felt so lucky to be working with such lovely, fun like-minded people. Highlights of the first few years were working with Michelle Livings - we worked the late shift, calling our stint the M&M show - lots of messing around and banter. Steve MacDonald, Claire Stuart and Richard Hardwick were people I worked with on a regular basis and it was always their shifts I really looked forward to. Later, I began working with Peter Simon and was moved to his late nights - always a lot of fun, helped by Peter's senior moments and clumsiness. Talking of clumsiness, I have lost count at how many times I have laughed at James Russell falling over/falling off a stool/slipping on something. He is the clumsiest man I know - and so funny with it. Once you get the giggles with him, there's no way back. Chloe Everton was someone who I loved working with as well, I always remember her attempting to teach me how to do a golf swing, it almost ended in tears as I almost had a member of the crew's eye out. It was then I think I finally came to terms with the fact I am NOT the sporting type.

I feel as though I owe a lot to Andy Oliver who I met back in 2000 and who told me in 2005 to send my stuff off to the channels as they were looking for new people. If it wasn't for Andy telling me I would never have known. I owe my whole 8-year-experience to Andy really.
After working on Price Drop TV full time for 2 and a half years, I decided to go freelance so that I could free up some time to do some singing work. My friends and colleagues at Bid made me a huge canvas which was signed by everyone - I still have it now. As a freelancer I loved the variety of being able to work on Bid one day, Price Drop the next, and possibly have a Speed Auction TV shift thrown in somewhere too.

In 2009 I was offered 3 days a week for what would be the next 5 years. I was moved permanently to Bid and worked mostly with Peter Simon and Mike Mason. 2008-2013 were probably my happiest years.

I became involved with the recruitment of new assistant presenters at the channels and part of that job was to train up newbies. I really enjoyed this part of it and I decided I would put myself forward to teach at Media Training courses at Pinewood Studios, which I did for 3 years on and off, as a sideline.
In 2011, having a production background I radio, I trained to be a producer for the channels and produced the output on Price Drop TV and Speed Auction TV, as well as keeping up my work in front of the camera. I enjoyed it as it was a challenge, but it's a whole different ball game to producing radio output!!!! My heart was with the presenting side as obviously it was quite numbers-orientated and maths has never ever been my strong point!!!

8 years is a long time to work at the same place, especially if you are someone who does get bored fairly quickly. I knew how lucky I was to work there and stayed for all that time because I felt like a had a duty of loyalty to the place and I really did genuinely enjoy my job. I've learnt so much by being at Bid. It's totally shaped who I am as a person and I've met some amazing, genuine, talented people over the years - a lot of whom I will always be in touch with, and some who have become lifelong friends.

It's such a shame that the channels are no more and it's hard to think I'll never walk back through those doors again. But as they say all good things come to an end and at least some of the memories are out there to relive on YouTube and in photo form. Thank you to all of you who have watched and supported us over the years - old and new - I will miss having such fun working at Bid and I will miss you! Xxx

Very nice post I thought. Marina was always one of my favourite assistants - she always seemed like she was happy to be there, and this post reflects that.
Thanks for posting that, I am not on the twitter or facebook, so that post is nice to read.

I now have an image of Marina sitting in her bedroom, sheet of paper in front of her, pen in hand and, as they say, the rest is history.... :)

Nice post, and a fascinating timeline. I wonder at what point did she meet The Banker? :mysmilie_59:
I always enjoyed watching Marina on Bid, especially when things went wrong!
Now don't all pounce on me at once.I couldn't stand stand her, everytime i heard that blooming fake laugh or seen her saunter on with yet another mini of the mini skirts.I felt bile sticking in my throat. :mysmilie_50:
Now don't all pounce on me at once.I couldn't stand stand her, everytime i heard that blooming fake laugh or seen her saunter on with yet another mini of the mini skirts.I felt bile sticking in my throat. :mysmilie_50:

I couldn't stand her either! Or that other simpleton, Helen Bates.
It wouldn't look good on her CV:mysmilie_50:

There is more than enough clips on you tube to pretty much get a good feel for what they all have to offer prospective new employers. I think if any prospective employer was to be savvy and check out their cred's then they will be well and truly busted. Sorry, can't see many, if any getting a similar gig any time soon.
Please send that Youtube clip to Bid Shopping's last two owners and say "THIS is why you used to make money and people tuned in every week,THIS is what Bid was about, THIS is what made Bid different. Getting rid of THIS (fun) is why you went bust.!

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