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OMG! Just when you think you've heard it all! Pay £25 to have some random old bloke leave a message on your kid's mobile - a little bit disturbing if you ask me! however, if you must, surely there are ways of doing this sort of thing free of charge! Not only that, £25 (even with 20% off) is enough money to buy someone a pretty decent extra present, which I'm pretty sure a child would appreciate a lot more than hearing an old geezer heavy breathing down their phone! I'm all for parents coming up with inventive ideas to make Christmas more "magic" for their kids - This ain't it - It's just wrong! Not to mention £25 for up to a minute - that's down right extortionate...25p maybe!
Just had a quick look around the net and the first thing I spotted was a link to a site called portable north pole - It's very American, but it offers a free message from "santa", if you want to personalise it, then that will cost £2.99, and for more fancy options, you can have a video, or a series of videos and messages up right up to Christmas for no more than £9.99! It's not my cup of tea at all, I'd have to say, however, it's very professional, not creepy, and dare I say quite magical! A vast, vast improvement upon paying £25 for a washed up shopping channel presenter to leave a dodgy sounding message along with graphics that a five year old child could have created!
Considering all the sordid revelations and allegations over the last few years regarding TV presenters and DJs and underage children, I really wouldn't feel comfortable giving out my kids' phone numbers and personal details to one!

Plus £25 for a minute's phone call? Probably be cheaper (and less dodgy) to let the kids call a premium rate chatline number for a minute instead!
I wouldn't give Mark Ryse, the horrid little man, 25p. He sounds more like Santas hungry for fame Elf than Father Christmas himself.

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