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It could be a tenner and I still wouldn't buy it. Why do we get such extremes ? Ok Ruth Langsford pitched up with a similar one as a tsv, and Michelle Hope is doing one, - all so boring, BUT at the other end of the spectrum we get the equally awful stretch cover print tops that Kim & Co lumber us with.

Is it because for QVC the design element cannot be too elaborate because of the thousands that have to be made, and also pick the cheapest fabric for the same reason ?

I have got some great and different tops bought from other outlets, and none are anything like the price of Marla Wynne.

Silver Fox

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I hate the way her tops stick up at the front as though the balance between the front and back is wrong.This is another range which started out with promise and has now gone downhill in every way except price.

Dream Girl

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I hate the way her tops stick up at the front as though the balance between the front and back is wrong.This is another range which started out with promise and has now gone downhill in every way except price.
I’ve also noticed that about the tops being much higher at the front
Been so really tempted to reach into the tv to realign the top on the shoulder to bring it down at the front. Though have a feeling with the number that are like that they will slip backwards afterwards. Especially on the models with a bust which always seem inflicted with the up at the front look.


MarlaWynne Luxe Crepe Shirt with Button Detail
Item Number: 182841
QVC Price £79.50
Todays Special Value Price £56.94
P&P £3.95

This stylish shirt from MarlaWynne features a collar neckline, button front fastenings partially hidden by a placket for a sleek, seamless look and 3/4 length sleeves with cuffs. Effortlessly chic and easy to wear, this shirt is a true wardrobe staple that will instantly elevate your favourite ensembles.

A fashion favourite - a well-fitting shirt is a must-have in any repertoire, and this MarlaWynne design certainly fits the bill. Lending itself to an endless amount of beautiful styling options, this shirt can be worn fastened to the collar for a clean, classic look or left slightly open at the neckline and paired with statement jewellery for an eye-catching layered style.

Wear it your way - no matter where your day takes you, this shirt can stand up to the occasion. If you're heading for an evening out with the girls, try pairing with palazzo trousers and a pair of wedge heels for a sophisticated style. For something more relaxed, wear over a pair of leggings with a cardigan and add some white trainers for an elegant everyday outfit.

Colour confidence - with five stunning shades to choose from, finding your perfect colour is easy. If you prefer a neutral tone that goes with everything, try Oyster, Black or Dark Slate. For something with a bit bolder, opt for Copper or Seagrass.

  • 96% polyester, 4% elastane
  • Machine wash cold

Colour options:
  • Seagrass
  • Oyster
  • Cooper
  • Black
  • Dark Slate

Garment measurements:
  • Chest: XS: 97.8cm (38.5"), S: 102.9cm (40.5"), M: 108cm (42.5"), L: 114.3cm (45"), XL: 121.9cm (48"), 2XL: 129.5cm (51"), 3XL: 139.7cm (55")
  • Length: XS: 78.7cm (31"), S: 79.3cm (31.2"), M: 80cm (31.5"), L: 81cm (32"), XL: 82.2cm (32.4"), 2XL: 83.8cm (33"), 3XL: 86cm (33.8")

All measurements are approximate



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I have just read a number of posts on QVC Facebook on this TSV . some of the posters are been accused of being unkind. Most are only saying it is overpriced and they do not like.
The colours are not great even if you like the shape. I think Marla did produce some nice things early on but the QVC monster seems to have taken over and must be fed.


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If you’ve got a spare half hour and are bored, found this about Marla Wynne, I lost the will after about ten seconds. This article is almost a year old and by the looks of it she’s either sold out or just can’t be bothered coming to the U.K.
Yes we should never forget these people are in to make money and that’s what Marla and Q does.
I’m a so called boomer but I don’t like her clothing shape generally.
it’s a bit like Lulu Guinness no show once the brand got making shed loads via Q. I don’t think we will be seeing Marla any time soon . A shame because she was very funny to watch.

Dream Girl

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Who buys this dribble that’s been said just now Melissa says
“Yes people do jersey shirts and we see that, I think Marla was one of the first people to do it and I think she’s combined that wonderful lux crepe fabric. She’s combined her own Marla Carla which means her own, it really does pop and it really does stand. She’s got that gorgeous drape and that wonderful venting detail in the back, which gives that real swing and sway. I never feel like I’m over heating in it, I never feel I’m going to get sort of hot and sweaty. It just drapes and I think because that’s to do with the handle of the texture, it just feels lovely against the skin. You’ve got the mother of pearl buttons, which you can see and all though you can only see three of the buttons they go all the way down the placket but what she’s done here is, she‘s chosen here is to cover the bottom half.........”

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