Matinée Idol My First Impressions.


So, I bought a 150ml flask of this eau de parfum at 14.99 plus p and p which I thought was worth a punt: nothing to lose if it was crap and if it was nice then I got 150mls of decent cologne and a rather nice hip flask to put my Talisker in when it's finished. I bought it entirely on the strength of watching Peter Sherlock presenting fragrances on shopping tele as I think he's knowlegeable and genuine and his love of fragrance comes across. I know this isn't a view shared by some of you here and will mark me down as a failed Bid presenter or something but I speak as I find.

I made the purchase based on Pete describing it as unashamedly masculine, as my favourite aftershaves currently are Million and Terre d Hermes which are pretty butch (particularly so with Hermes). I have to tell you that Matinée Idol is a very different proposition to those two, it's way more subtle and soft and has none of the woodiness and leather I thought might be in there and which I love about Hermes. However, it's a real grower. It smells expensive and reminds me very much of another very high end scent whose name escapes me that I tried in the airport duty free a few years back. I'm not an expert so I can't tell you what the basenotes, top notes and blah blah blah are like and neither can I tell you what the sillage is like or whether it lasts on my skin. I can tell you however that my missus absolutely loves it and so does my 17 year old daughter. I'll report back with an update after I've worn it out a few times.
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Haha! Peter put you up to this. Nice try.

Terrible for him to give up selling his stinks on QVC for Equal World TV.

Well at least he can sell those serums with the fake before and after photo shots now.


Sorry Greg, I don't know Peter personally. Nice conspiracy theory though.

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