Miami Masters Tennis


YAY!!! :mysmilie_866: The second important 1000 Masters tournament is under way but nothing much to report today except a superb 6-2 6-1 win by Heather Watson over Lucie Safarova the no 25 seed. Unfortunately she's got the highly unpleasant shrieker Azarenka next so it's going to be an early bath for Heather I'm afraid. Oh, and Murray managed not to get knocked out in his first match against the unseeded Falla. :giggle: However, he's got the very dangeorus young Canadian player Raonic with his huge weapon...I'm talking about his serve you dirty mares :smirk: but Murray has Lendle to hold his hand now instead of Mummy so we'll see. In today's match between Ferrer and Tomic there was an interesting very audible exchange between Tomic and the chair umpire when Tomic complained that his father (who is also his coach) was annoying him and asked that he be told to leave the court!! This put umpire Bernades in a spot so he said that Tomic should ask him to leave but the young 19 year old said that wasn't going to happen. Tomic senior was apparently shouting throughout the match so I'm hoping it's discussed further in a press conference cos I'm busting to know all the details. :wonder: Looking forward to tomorrow's matches and hopefully much more tv coverage. :flower:
Unfortunately the Murray/Raonic match up on Sunday didn't go ahead after all as Raonic had to pull out because of an ankle injury which he sustained on Saturday during his doubles match. This was a great shame imo cos the Canadian has the sort of aggressive game that woud have troubled or possibly beaten the miserable git. The most exciting news so far came last night when the Roddick beat Federer 7-6 (7-4) 1-6 6-4 :mysmilie_378:and he played brilliantly with flashes of the old ARod coming through.

Murray is now playing Simon - it's like watching beauty and the beast. C'mon Gilles!!

Edit Update: Murray has announced he's not playing next month's Davis Cup....yet again. :rolleyes:
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