Michelle Mone Better Start Selling More Diamonique Police Raid


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It seems that the new term to describe those who bring their wares to QVC is 'hands on.' RL, Dannie, Marla are all 'hands on'. They read the critiques of their clothes... all of them... they are very involved with bringing the customers what they want. Even that non stop grinning pair from California - Bagley, etc. are 'hands on.' Hands on the money they are raking in is more like it!! Lady Mone was very 'hands on' too, I think.
None of them bring what customers want. Most design their clothing range on their own body type.


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Ruth designs for herself !!! like we didn't know, funny how she's never seen wearing her own designs in photoshoots or other programmes she's involved with.

I know we're all different, but having tried the godawful cocoon cardi, I won't give her stuff house room anymore. Not forgetting the prices !!!!


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I bought 3 pairs of her jeans because they were long in the leg. That was the only thing that was good about them. I tried to like them, but after wearing them a few times, I threw in the towel, and admitted I'd made an expensive mistake. The fit across the hips was bunchy and after wearing them for a couple of hours, they started to sag. I gave them to charity. Someone will get some use out of them, I hope, if only for gardening.