Microplane foot file & buffer TSV


Hope mine arrives soon, I'm in dire need of it!


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Re problem with shavings- what about spag bol for dinner?
I meant to say when I posted originally, I don't get Parmesan gratings, only dust. So disappointing and less cost-effective, not being able to recycle :rolleyes: I dread to think what Julian's feet must have been like :eek:



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Eagerly waiting for mine I can't wait to get grating. Just worried in case I overdo it and give myself sore feet.


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I must look out for the postie tomorrow, as you have all got yours so quickly.Cant wait to try it out.


Waiting in vain by the letterbox for mine, hope it comes tomorrow.


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I missed this TSV was away a few days,, what was the item number, what did you get, price etc ?




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item no 432232
Microplane Remove & Smooth 2 Piece File & Buffer Foot Care Set
£17.39 was the TSV price, P&P £3.45
I don't remember what the full QVC price was but think £22-24???

Kipling Kween

I was tempted, but didn't buy because I also have one of those rough 'emery board' type of thing for my feet. I use it a couple of times a week, and it works fine for me.

Just a suggestion for people who get no results - these things only work if your feet are dry and the skin is fairly hard. If your skin is lovely and soft (or all sweaty from shoes and socks or something (yuck)) it won't work.


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Can't wait for mine to arrive now.

Was it delivered by RM or courier ?


T x


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I asked CS how it was being sent out and they said RM and should hopefully be small enough to fit in the letterbox....here's hoping!
Don't think it will fit through the letterbox, the smoother is not flat but looked 3 or 4 inches high.

I want mine to come today.


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Mine came today, & I'm suitably disgusted...

with the amount of stuff that came off :eek:

Finished off with some Philosophy Soul Owner. Now maybe I can have nice looking feet :D

ps ~ it wouldn't fit through my letter box.


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Oh dear, can anyone help me?

I ordered this when I found out it was the TSV because I'd been hearing how good it was for years on beauty forums, but couldn't watch any of the shows and stupidly forgot to record any of them.

So my Microplane has arrived today and I haven't got a clue what to do with it!!!

I can't work out which is the foot file and which is the buffer? I googled it and found some sites selling them but their 'buffers' were like sandpaper attachments so I'm none the wiser! :confused:

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