Microplane foot file & buffer TSV


Kipling Kween

Okay - I saw enough of the demo to be able to tell you.

The one with all the holes going in one direction is the plane, and you use it strictly up and down, not side to side.

The one with 200 'star burst' holes is the buffer, and that one you use afterwards to tidy everything up.

If they get it in again, I may well buy one as people seem to like it. :D


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Yes, exactly as KK says. Just be very careful not to take too much off in one go. Much better to do a small amount every day for a few days.
I am so impressed with this, I have tried just about everything over the years & haven't found anything that touches this for great results & minimum effort.:)


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Oh dear, can anyone help me?

I ordered this when I found out it was the TSV because I'd been hearing how good it was for years on beauty forums, but couldn't watch any of the shows and stupidly forgot to record any of them.

So my Microplane has arrived today and I haven't got a clue what to do with it!!!

I can't work out which is the foot file and which is the buffer? I googled it and found some sites selling them but their 'buffers' were like sandpaper attachments so I'm none the wiser! :confused:
Was there no leaflet in the box?


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Sazza, you are correct - duh - forgot about that. There were definitely instructions with mine, a sheet tucked in the bottom of the box.:p


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Sazza, you are correct - duh - forgot about that. There were definitely instructions with mine, a sheet tucked in the bottom of the box.:p
The leaflet was great, explained it all very clearly, well worth reading!!! :)


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Yes there was a leaflet but I couldn't work out from it which was the buffer and which was the file as there were no diagrams, and the actual items both just have Microplane Personal Care written on them.

I did think that the small one was probably the buffer but it looked a bit too lethal compared to the sandpaper-type buffers they also make!

Anyway, thanks for your replies, I'm sorted now and off to have a go! :)

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I have a parcel waiting for me at the sorting office....I am hoping it is my foot file. My feet are hideous because I never wear shoes...well obviously I do sometimes but not at home or in the garden.....and I have LOADS of dry skin....

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I haven't got mine yet either, although I already have the compact version which looks like the buffer but has the grater bit on it. I still can't wait to get the new one though as I am dying to try the buffer.


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Its not fair mine hasnt arrived yet either:mad:


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:confused: i've noticed that even though it says dispatched on say the 20th, my account sometimes isn't actually debited by qvc for another couple of days, and then i'll receive the ordered item about 3/5 days after date of debit not date of dispatched, could this be why it seems to be taking qvc for ever to get items sent when years back they were so quick, would love to know if anyne else has experienced this!


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Mine hasn't arrived yet either even though my Gatineau TSV came yesterday and a Lola Rose bracelet sent on Monday came today.


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Mine arrived today and I love it already.:)

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