Missing”free gift” - Customer Services not resolving



Does anyone here know which regulating authority I can send a complaint to?

I ordered an item which was sold as coming with a free conductive gel worth £35. Received the item but not the gel. Called customer services who said to wait as ”free gifts” were sometimes sent out separately. Didnt arrive so called customer services again and this time was told that a batch of these items were sent out to customers without the gel and I would be sent the item within 7 days. Again didnt come so called customer services again. No one knew that I was missing the gel and they said nothing was on record. After much deliberation was told the gel would be sent out to me. Well, I received ”a gel“. A £6.99 random gel, not the £35 gel which was sold to me on the tv. This time sent an email to customer services and was told someone would get back to me within 72 hours. That was last week. Still waiting so sent another email which has this time been ignored.

Thought TJC were okay - how wrong was I. They’ve lost me as a customer.

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