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Hello everyone, back on this forum after a few years away. Just got back in to Gems tv viewing (occasionally) and noticed a few missing presenters. Vicki Norriss seemed to disappear after lockdown last year and then have noticed Vicki Carr has been missing about six months after all her non gems buying negotiations with chains etc. I know some changed to the Primal Living channel which I never got into but heard a wittering about Rod Jinks jumping ship too although I thought he'd maybe had health problems too. Do any of you peeps have any info or gossip that I might have missed out on regarding these people? I don't watch much anymore so might have missed any announcements on air. Of course I understand that there might be privacy issues at play here but just wondered if the current pandemic climate has forced staff changeovers.

Gems girl

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Thanks for your reply Sazza, don't do social media so hadn't seen it. I'm assuming same with Vicki Norris as it's well over a year since I saw her.


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I’ve just seen in gems tv, it said Derek Marks, on the schedule, did he go back to Gens ?, I liked Derek, I’ll always remember him dressed as a elf ? Near Christmas, which suggested he didn’t take himself too seriously


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Yes I saw Derek, he said he hadn’t been there for ages.


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Derek just fills in from time to time. He said last time he was on was New Years Day.

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