Molton Brown candles


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Feb 27, 2012
Just to say, someone on eBay is selling Molton Brown Merry Berries & Mimosa candles at a very low price. They are auction lots rather than Buy It Now and tend to be for two 190g tumblers, which I believe retail at about £40 each? They usually start at £12.99, sometimes less, plus £3.58 P&P and don‘t often go for much more. The current listing ends tomorrow (Thursday) lunch time and at the moment, bids have only reached about £10 (I think it started at 99p). As soon as the auction ends, the seller has been listing a couple more so they must have quite a few. As it says in the listing, there is no box and no bottom label but I bought two and they seem genuine but I haven't had an MB candle before to compare. They also burn well and clean, pooling right across quite easily and leaving hardly any residue on the sides. A shame they’re not selling more fragrances.

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