Molton Brown Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver


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I was looking at this earlier. It sounds very much like my sort of thing, especially if it’s reasonably strong, unlike some of their other recent additions which were like mere hints of fragrance to me (I know some people much prefer subtle but I need more pong per pound, especially at MB prices!). Definitely on the lookout for it to try at my local outlet.

Likewise. Even if I was running out of shower gel (as of course I will in about 2029), I wouldn’t pay that. Actually, by 2029, the way they keep hiking the RRP, it will probably be about £30.
I do think the price has gone up very quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that they went up to £18 and I thought that was outrageous.
I just went and sniffed a bottle of the SC&V shower gel at the local department store and really liked it. I did the “tip a bit of tester in hand to take home” thing so I could wash my hands with it. Using it was lovely but the smell had all but gone in about a minute, where usually MB products linger a while. I wish I’d got a useful amount as I didn’t have very much to use, but even so. Big tick for the fragrance itself, though.

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