Molton Brown TSV 03/03/24


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I keep saying Scott, my Evri delivery man is brilliant. The two women, mother and daughter who did the round before him also brilliant. So I have been pretty lucky. I had an Amazon driver who was also fab, he used carry very heavy stuff up my stairs for me.
I don’t usually get the 7-9 delivery window and I think that’s when it can all go wrong. You have the backlog building up all day and they can’t get through it all by the end of their shift when they often just pack up and go home. And you can’t blame them for that but it is frustrating. Still I have it now.

On the strength of receiving the body lotion, I binned the last bit of my Sukin one which didn’t sink in and I had to towel off the residue every time. I am now trying Faith in Nature, but have to say that didn’t really sink right in either and I had to towel some off, although not as much. Maybe I’ll just go back to Aveeno unless I get MB or S&B in a cheapo kit.
So what happens when Father's Day comes, just another parents' day.

On another forum at the moment, there is a poll about the Triple Lock pensioners get. Should it be stopped in the Spring budget? Quite a few putting up graphs etc. And of course saying by the time they retire there will be no state pension and how pensioners are draining the public purse. One commented what about the poor workers, and cue the posts about the poor pensioners coming after they posted. There are no poor pensioners.

There was a film, and they made a tv series called Logan's Run about in the future when you reached I think it was 30? You were put down as society had no need of you.
Yes, I remember Logan’s Run, and also Soylent Green. Similar dystopian future, but after death (euthanasia, you could choose) you would be made into Soylent Green, a foodstuff. Nothing wasted, as we’d already plundered the planet!

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