More wrong information given out.

China Girl

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Just watched a bit of the beauty hour, Debbie Flint was on with the new PK guest. They were showing the new shampoo and conditioner set, coconut breeze.
Debbie said..."this one doesn't contain any SLS, well I can't see it listed on here anyway" she was pointing at the ingredients label on the back of the bottle.

It was the conditioner bottle, not the shampoo, so of course it doesn't have SLS in it. How many will now order this on her wrong info?
Cue the complaints when they receive it.


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She doesn't care so long as she pulls those sales in. If she wanted to make that claim she should've checked before she went on air, but obviously she couldn't be arsed. It doesn't matter though, she knows nothing will be said to her and she certainly won't be held accountable. I hope anyone that buys it demands a returns label down to false advertising. To be honest though, I wouldn't believe Debbie Flint if she said water is wet.


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I was waiting for something to come one and flicked over and actually caught this.

Oh, and you are right it was the conditioner she lifted not the shampoo which is the product that will have the SLS in it. Far as I know and I might be wrong as it many years since I used the brand but yes the shampoo does have SLS! Oh and nearly straight away she lifted the Shampoo bottle and pumped some out and it was clearly the shampoo.

DF you are Stoopid!

Silver Fox

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She was obviously thinking about her next plug for the 'Retreat'? I am not surprised as some presenters these days seem as though they have run into the studio without any preparation whatsoever.

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