Most liked and disliked presenters on QVC?

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She didn’t look good in that MW shirt they were trying to get rid of, teamed with the leggings.I hate the way many of these MW tops poke out at the front as though there is not enough fabric to accommodate a large bust & this is emphasised by the hem dipping at the back.Even on the slim small busted models it is not a good look.


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I love her, really I do. I think she's an amazing woman with an amazing voice and she inspires me, but hey, that's allowed (y)



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There is a lady who lives 2 doors from me, she is a university tutor and when she first moved in introducted herself. Problem I forgot her name, it's Catherine, but she is the double of Susan Boyle. So.that is what I called her, everyone I called her that to know who I mean. She used to go away quite a bit and I used to say "oh Susan is off on tour."


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No way!! Susan Boyle has an unbelievable voice. If you want to hear a pub singer you should have heard me last night :D:D
Candy we should form a duo - the pub singer & Hilda (as in Ogden) 🤫 - they'd be doing more than that!

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