My birthday pressie


Westcountry wench!
I have some fab forum friends who clubbed together to get me some spends on Rocks TV. Thank you so so much you kind people. I treasure each and every one of you.

I waited a couple of weeks and this is what I chose:

champagne quartz bracelet I love it!!

EK163champagnequartz14ctgems.jpg stuff/newbraceletandcar007.jpg

blue topaz earrings


havent got the earrings yet but am excited about them!

oh and I've ordered today a bracelet which Mizgit WILL give me for my birthday 2 weeks ago cos he has let my birthdays slide for too long and I'm determined he won't get away with it this time!

amethyst & diamond bracelet
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Lovely items Sammi, enjoy them!!!! :D


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Brilliant choicesSammi, particularly the Champagne quartz bracelet. Love the cut of those stones.

Happy belated birthday. I saw the birthday greetings ages after the event, so sorry. :(



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They are lovely Sammi ..enjoy ,and quite right about mizgit us laydees need to be pampered xxx


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Sorry too Sammi and a happy belated birthday from me. What a lovely bunch the RocksTV gangsters are, and a great selection of goodies including Mizgit's carefully chosen and well considered choice :cheeky: xxxxx


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Just echoing everyone else Sammi - great choices. Hope you enjoy wearing them.

Beading Belle

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Great choices Sammi and belated happy birthday from me too xx


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Belated Birthday Greetings from me, too, Sammi.... I always seem to miss these things, sorry!

Great choices and lovely to have as gifts, especially. Well chosen!


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Lovely choices, Happy belated Birthday wishes. xxx


Westcountry wench!
thanks for your kind wishes and comments - I didn't mean to extend my birthday honestly - being 50 once in any year is enuf lol.

the earrings have become my new faves - worn yesterday and today and much admired. The quartz bracelet is smaller in size than it looks and has understated beauty. I'd been hoping the amethyst one would turn up today so I could show it to FraggleNic on Sunday (it was bought to complement something beautiful she bought me), but sadly it didn't pitch up in time. Never mind, something nice to look forward to next week.


Westcountry wench!
my amethyst and diamond bracelet has arrived and I have to say the quality of the amethyst is just gorgeous. good job I didnt have it to show to FraggleNic on Sunday or it might not have made it home with me lol

thanks RTV for some lovely lovely pieces. am thrilled to bits.

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