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Totally Loopy Lou

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Jul 20, 2013
East Anglia - UK
Hi there hope it's okay to post this here?

Want to get my mum nails inc Kensington caviar base and top coat for Christmas but they're never reduced anywhere really (a duo on QVC is around £22-24 plus pandp although I could get on Amazon a bit less).

Anyway then I saw the following deal at Debenhams at 50 % off and thought it's worth the extra £5 to get the base and top coats full size plus 4 full size gel effect colours too for £25 and free pandp to boot!)
QVC also has a couple of nice collections.

Howevee, the thing is I've never tried the gel effect varnishes by nails inc so am wondering if anyone else has done please?!

I bought the nails inc tsv not long ago which was the collagen based formulas and I hate most of them - all gloopy! - as do other reviewers!

Does the gel effect polish chip more easily do you know? Any help gratefully received! Thanks so much :)
I have one gel effect NI polish given to me and I am pleasantly impressed. It does seem a bit plumper than normal polish ( and I usually use OPI) especially with a gel top coat on (assume that's what it comes with?). I got about 4 days of perfect wear before it started to chip and then it seemed to go on all my nails at the same time and as it was navy blue it had to go! It came off easily with my NI removal pot and didn't stain my nails. Overall based on this experience I would recommend it. Hope that helps a bit
I do find the gel effect chips sooner than the normal formulas, however it still lasts a few days if you do your base and top coat etc.
I find the gel effect Nails Inc polishes last longer than the normal formula. Not a lot longer - maybe a couple of days.

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