Nails Inc TSV 15/1/13


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hopefully no sprinkle,magnets or glitter. just good old nail polish.

What's the chance of that happening?
Nails Inc TSV 15/01/13

Do we have any ideas what this might be? I am hoping it won't tempt me to break my New Year's resolution to stop buying nail products.
Oh I saw someone wearing the concrete. It was odd. A bit like a matte textured Porchester Square or whatever the colour is that JF wears most of the time.

BTW I noticed she was wearing Supermodel the other day!!
matte porchester square sounds horrible . I have a sinking feeling this tsv is going to be disappointing.
Thank you. Did you see the photos before they were removed? I take it (from supercoolwillow's comment that it might disappoint) that it includes these concrete/matte polishes?

No Hun not seen anything, I only looked myself today - I didn't even realise there was a TSV coming up.
:wonder:I can just not see the point of having my nails look like they are covered in leather - and does it have to match the handbag? I do not like my nails covered with those sticky on things (no idea what they are called, foils?) instead on nail varnish, have never managed to get the hang of the magnetic polishes to make it look well, and can not imagine why I would want my nails looking like concrete? The last time I tried the tiny balls all glued to my nails for a party I ended up finding some of the little balls all over the place, and one yesterday in my handbag - and the party must have been a month before Christmas, btw did not like that lok much either on my.
Oh dear I am getting old it seems, I love colour, love my nail varnish, but all the effects are beyond me: just gove me colour.:whew:
Mmm, I like a few of those. I'd really have liked a Kensington Caviar base coat though. Hope that's not Porchester Sq again!
That looks darker than Porchester Square. More like LD's supermodel. But my money is also safe. Not really my colours and I already have far too much polish.

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