Neom TSV 10/04/24


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Is it me being an old fart - what on earth does Allison Young look like??? I love quirky but that outfit is not what I call put together!! (Actually, I think it's b awful). Sorry AY, and please give over with the any gender crap yet again woman!!
Quite agree, has she got something wrong with her neck, it looks as if she’s got treble chins? Did the fluffy bubble skirt come from a fancy dress supplier as it looks “clownish”.
Now Chuntley is on going for the Prisoner Cell Block H look. Marginally better than the John Travolta trouser suit she was wearing last week. They go from the sublime to the ridiculous with QVC “Fashion”. Up until recently the majority of models were wearing trousers that had divorced their ankles and married their knees, now so big and baggy they sweep on the floor.

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