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Neom 4 Piece Collection TSV 25/02/24 (Real Luxury or Perfect Nights Sleep)

Wellbeing Pod Mini RRP £55 + post
10ml Oil RRP £22 + post
200ml Bath Foam RRP £26 + post
100ml Body Oil RRP £45 + post

Total RRP £148 + post


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Neom Exclusive Wellbeing Pod Mini 4 Piece Collection
Item Number: 250984
QVC Price £120.00
Todays Special Value Price £59.96
P&P £0.00

Ready to find your zen? Take a breath and relax with this Neom Wellbeing Pod Mini and Essential Oil Collection, complete with an Essential Oil Blend, Body Oil and Bath Foam in your choice of Real Luxury or Perfect Nights Sleep fragrances. With all you need to unwind this season, this set will fill your home with beautifully balanced scent blends you'll love.
*A great saving: If you were to buy either option individually, directly from you'd pay £142. So, for our Today's Special Value price of just £59.96, with no P&P to pay, you're saving £82.04.
The wellbeing experts - with a mission to boost your wellbeing, Neom offer pampering, luxurious beauty products and home fragrance expertly hand-blended and infused with 100% natural scent. For a boost to both your mind and body, their products are the perfect way to help you create a personalised, spa-like haven at home.
Natural ingredients - each beautiful scent is blended with 100% pure essential oils with no synthetic fragrances or mineral-oil based ingredients. Without harsh chemicals, this collection is a truly holistic aid to help promote a sense of calm and wellbeing, without compromising on quality.
On-the-go pampering - the great thing about the Neom Wellbeing Pod Mini is that it's portable, so you can take your relaxation with you on your travels, even in the car. No water is needed, there’s no plug to the mains, and the Wellbeing Pod Mini is USB-rechargeable. Simply place your essential oil blend in the pod and enjoy.
Make your choice - all you have to do is decide between two scent families: Real Luxury or Perfect Night's Sleep. Real Luxury is from the iconic Scent to De-Stress line and is packed with 24 essential oils including jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. From Neom’s Scent to Sleep range, Perfect Night's Sleep combines 19 essential oils including English lavender and sweet basil.
  • 1 x Wellbeing Mini Pod in White - make the most of your favourite essential oils with this wonderful diffuser that works to spread your favourite scents throughout your home when you need it most
  • 1 x Bath Foam (200ml) - an SLS-free formula designed to gently cleanse and condition your skin, enriched with marshmallow, coconut oil, aloe and sweet almond oil
  • 1 x Body Oil (100ml) - a lightweight, multi-tasking, ultra-hydrating oil infused with vitamin E and inca inchi oil and formulated to moisturise your skin
  • 1 x Essential Oil Blend (10ml) - made with 100% natural oils. To be used in the bath, your oil diffuser or applied to the skin

If you were to buy either option individually, directly from Neom you'd pay £142

Wellbeing Pod Mini RRP £55 direct cost £23.22
10ml Oil RRP £22 direct cost £9.29
200ml Bath Foam RRP £26 direct cost £10.98
100ml Body Oil RRP £39 direct cost £16.47

Total RRP £142 cost £59.96
Thanks SCW for prices.
That is a great price and no postage. My daughter loves her mini pod (present from me!) and I’ve been thinking about getting one. I want to move away from candles, especially in the spring and summer.
I used to buy things like this for my nieces and ‘nieces in law’ but they’ve all got babies & children now so they don’t want fragrances in the air.

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