"NEVER see this price again"

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"NEVER see this price again"

They said that all through the 'Mega Make Way for 2015 Clearance' - now this morning back to creation and they're "matching" mega make way prices.

But don't worry they will "never do that sort of price per carat on a piece that's not in a clearance" - there not actually in a clearance but they "went to a clearance price".

What qualifies a "clearance price" I wonder?



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Never see this price again.............. strictly speaking it doesn't mean it won't be cheaper or dearer at a later date, just not that exact price.
I know we all like to think it means it's the cheapest price we'll ever see, based on general usage of the term, although it may not be the case - so technically not breaking any rules.

I'd have thought a clearance price was one that cut the profit so low in order to get a sale, but still covered the cost of the item meaning they broke even and didn't make a loss.
"Clearance price" means absolutely nothing. It's a way of claiming that viewers are getting a lower-than-usual price, when actually, they can sell it at the same price or higher - and not get into trouble by the ASA.

Bid TV regularly did "warehouse clearance" days - and I remember a few occasions where items actually sold for more during the clearances than they did on a normal day. They were reported to the ASA - but the complaints were not upheld.

The ASA said that they were not upholding the complaints because they had given no indication that prices were going to be reduced - they simply said that they were having a clearance and selling stock from the warehouse.

The public see "clearance" as "sale" - whereas as far as the businesses and the ASA are concerned, "clearance" means "shifting bulk stock".

Technically, as they're always selling stock, every day is a clearance - and the price at the time is the price they chose to "clear" the item out at.

It's a careful play on words - and morally, it's a bit wrong because these channels know what the public are expecting when the word clearance is mentioned - but regardless, if they're selling stock and referring to it as a clearance, then they're doing nothing wrong.

It's a grey area / loophole in the advertising rules. A legal way of misleading without actually doing anything wrong.
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