New all time low in fashion


We also did more exercise. Walked everywhere, did lots of P.E.and games at school, and played outside. We didn’t have parents with cars to take us everywhere, and if they did, weren’t used as taxis to ferry us about.
Absolutely. If I wanted to go somewhere and not walk, then it was the bus!


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Is Noddy non PC because he's an elf? Eh?
I know that Big Ears was a gnome but thought that Noddy was a toy. The non PC aspect is more to do with the names of the characters, the teacher smacking children, Gollies & everyone having traditional roles. My girls weren't interested in him & loved Shirley Hughes books, so do I.


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We live in a world gone PC mad and it doesn't help the root causes of problems, it skirts around them and disguises problems by making them sound better. Help is what's needed, not name-changing. Find out what's the cause and you're half way there.


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Just found that clip by accident on Q's FB page...I don't know why anyone would want a random bleach stain down the front of their dress - There's tie dye...but this this is just odd looking and on Catherine's dress there's a weird bleached out bit on the neckline and at first glance I thought her underwear was showing. Someone had commented on how slim and beautiful she looked in the dress - Nothing wrong with the way Catherine looks but that dress is far from slimming. I wish MW would come and collect her sh*tty clothes and take 'em back home (where they can stay)!
I call it the molar dress because the pattern looks like an ex-ray of someone teeth.

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