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Lol - I think they're playing "Snatch-It" but with our baskets. (You ancients will get the joke te-he, yeah you). Seems to me they're taking guidance from Sit-up with all this uncouth, unladylike and pushy behaviour. Just no class. (Oi! 'oo said "they're not alone" behind me back). Can I have a job at Gems? OLDLADYSM.jpg

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Firstly Hello To everyone!...I've not been around for quite sometime..having lost my hubby last year,,but hope you are all doing ok! :)
Well you should all know me I'm not backward in coming forward in speaking as i find..this is what I posted on Gemstv's facebook page today!..

The £4.95 all Weekend was what made Gemstv STAND OUT!! from all the rest!! you want £2.95 a day or the £4.95 a day per Order..Anyone now purchasing over the weekend if they see and put items in their basket straight onto an order.. and order over the 3 seperate days Fri/Sat/Sun .. P&P will be an expensive £14.85 for 3 seperate days @ £4.95 this used to be next working day by the way... and 3 seperate days @ £2.95 will be £8.85..and have to wait 4/6 working days or the 2/3 working days..Not a nice way to treat's a conning way into make the customer believe they are getting a better deal!! [email protected] the changes!.. IF the way I see it is a wrong assumption then it wants explaining better on air by Management..but as far as I'm concerned all my above calculations will surley be right.....This latest Web thing ..if you dont checkout to secure your item stock permitting you lose it to a phone buyer..

INMHO Mr Bennett is forgetting how he rose from the ashes to his latest pedestal..The Good Old WEB Buyers of Rockstv..that's how!!!
Some respect for your WEB buyers is needed not punishment. right that's amy rant

Mirabelle xx


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I think the option to use the £2.95 p&p is useful for someone like me who can only afford item of around £30 or so. It saves me money and I'm happy to wait a few more days. At least there's still the DPD delivery option if I want something quicker.

Agree the weekend one p&p thing was useful but I'm guessing they are now going to be packing 7 days a week which will mean items will arrive quicker when ordered at the weekend. I've previously ordered at the weekend and they haven't packed it till Thursday which is a long wait.

It's a shame I think that the boxes are now only available at extra cost as I think the pouches make it look cheap but again as long as the option is there, I can still choose to get a box when I want.

I do worry in busy games, while I'm waiting for checkout to load I could still have a caller take my item away from me. I suppose it's always been the same for telephone callers when webbers just click a button but I wish you'd get at least 15mins to check out. What if someone has connection issues? And please speed up Qbuster. It's so slow. That's where I often miss out.

Overall, if I see something I like, I'll buy it. Doesn't really factor in who is presenting etc. Some people I watch for entertainment value and other hours I watch hoping to buy.

I don't think there will be a problem with cards being declined due to multiple activity as they don't process the card at the time of checkout so it's not connecting to card company at that point as far as I can see but might be wrong.


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I have just had my first parcel delivered from the new Royal Mail delivery service I checked out on tues 12th and it was delivered today(saturday) in the afternoon, my normal postman had already been so was'nt expecting it until monday.My parcel was for three silver chains and a cheap silver ring I had some money in credit from a price promise on a very nice quite expensive Tansy I bought a few months back so thought a few chains are always handy to have ,the package consisted of a cardboard outer box marked with a message saying it did not need a signature just as well as I was'nt home and it fitted through the letter box,inside the box was the three chains in a small white pouch and the ring in another pouch my reciept a scoop booklet and a single piece of tissue paper oh nearly forgot the paper authentity cards I know we are all for saving the enviroment and as what I ordered was relatively cheap but I would not want an expensive piece of jewellery arriving like this and why should I have to buy a box seperately if I wanted to give it as a gift because the little pouch things are very cheap naff looking sorry but I'm not really happy with this at all.

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Well, mine has been sent Tracked and it's great that Gems are continuing to send you a note with a link for tracking. The link fills the tracking ID number in and takes you to the Royal Mail site, where it tells you where the parcel is. I ordered mine on Wednesday and it was despatched yesterday, so a little slow in terms of despatch. Hopefully Gems will catch up and start sending the parcels out the next day.

I expect over a certain value the parcel will be tracked and need a signature but we should have been told this up front rather than having to wait to find out.

At most companies 80% of business comes from 20% of customers and I expect Gems is the same. Over time regular buyers must, like me, end up with way too many boxes so the reduced packaging is a real winner for me. I don't want to have to pay for boxes I end up giving to the charity shop because I already have many - I would rather save the money and make a donation.


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this is making interesting reading - excuse me if I have missed the answer to my questions in previous posts

- presume the liability for the parcels remains with gems tv, if we report non delivery are we going to have a battle on our hands?
- how the devil do you get rid of items in your basket - I lost a ring I wanted to check out later was only half an hour after the auction - perhaps they could allow a window of opportunity before the items are released again? It now sits in my basket with a currently unavailable sign on it - if I click the more info box it tells me I have to resecure it next time its I likely to end up with pages of items in my basket that dont exist any more - or will they fall out after the old 5 days??
- I am currently awaiting my first parcel under the new system - I agree on the pouches rather than boxes - in common with many old timers, I have a loft full of old rocks tv/gems tv boxes. I was loathed to throw them out as they "might come in useful" local charity shop must look like a branch of gems tv the number of boxes I have donated to them.

- I can understand why they would want to release items stuck in baskets, but I enjoy building up a bag full and maximise my postage, I agree the one postage all weekend was a great idea - shame its gone. To maximise my postage now I risk loosing items - but c'est la vie - I can live without more sparklies

- the checkout system is often slow and lumbering - in the case of charm hours when I would make multiple purchases on the trot, I risk missing out on items as i am stuck in the system waiting for the page to refresh.

I agree totally, the roots of this business were on the web - the old days of the prices locking in etc etc etc - some of us are still here but feeling more and more like second class citizens whose business isnt valued


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Rightyho...........just received my first delivery under the new system and have to say that ,for me,it's quite good and represents better value.I would rather pay £2 less for delivery and not have to wait in to catch the DPD man,even though you got a text to say what time it will be delivered.(no that I go out much these days lol)

A little box plopped through the letter box,nothing to say what is inside either,so I feel it is safe in that regard.Personally never had any trouble with Royal Mail,though I don't dispute that some may do,I do not feel it is as widespread as some may think.All items nicely packaged inside,I really do not need any more boxes,have loads lol.
I am not one to build up huge baskets due to financial reasons,so buying a couple of items a day(when I watch ) and cheaper delivery suits me.

Like any changes though it will not suit everybody.I have been very guilty in the past of putting things in my online basket(I am a web buyer) thinking I will think about it,and have decided a few days later when I eventually check out under the old system not to put it through.The new system will stop me doing this,which is good and bad I suppose.It makes me think about what I really want and stops me tying up items for other buyers,conversely it stops me making extra purchases that I may keep therefore less money in the Gems coffers.Mr bennet must feel that the former scenario is the better business option for his company and that is his perogative to make.I do not feel that i am a second class citizen,phone purchasers I feel must be in greater numbers than webbers,so from his pov,it must be frustrating for the latter to prevent the former from making a purchase.

The whole weekend delivery is a shame though,again it must be a business decision that he feels is worth making.

What I would like to see again is online auctions with proper bargains again,like the old Gems of the past,a nice distraction for the webbers and would make us feel a bit more 'valued'.Also a better sale is disjointed and frustrating to look through and from what I have seen not many bargains to be had just old stock,the same old stuff on a loop that no one is buying........BORING!!

I think that's about it for my thoughts,I also feel that the changes in delievery options have been explained well by the presenters too,which is good,and far better explained than on the other jewellery channel,so fair play to gems in that regard.

PS....for the record,my new purchase was a tanzanite pendant and a silver tanzy ring,my first tanzanites and am really pleased with them. :happy:


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Ok - I have the hump! I thought using Royal Mail was a good idea (apologies to those who think otherwise). However, if you watch Jewellery Maker and buy from them, not being able to add to orders over the weekend or from one day to the next to the point of despatch is incredibly limiting. I have 5 open orders, some haven't been picked for 5 days and then they're being sent out of order AND it's taking far too long to despatch.

Not being able to add to the orders over the weekend is not good at all. I don't normally moan about P&P and just pay up but I have to say that even I am not placing orders because of it.

Some things sound good in principle but in practice ...............


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Wotcha Meesh xxxx

I've got five in various stages too. The channels have been awful and chaotic while you've been away and it's just getting worse (so much so that I'm considering legal action).

DPD orders ARE being picked and packed before the RM ones as helpers have now admitted it. In my heart, I really believe they've kept quiet about this so that RM would get the flack from people who are unable to access the internet and follow the progress of their orders. Webbers (who made this company?) are now "scum of the earth". In the evening on Jewellery Maker it's virtually impossible to place an order on the web unless it's for something that nobody else wants. Beads are arriving smashed. Dying is so awful that people's clothes are being ruined. I've had to make two compensations - one for cleaning and one for a new shirt. My lovely, lovely carer is, in her own time, taking batches of beads home and washing them but even then some continue to bleed. Disability awareness is zilch and e-mails to help are ignored. In desperation I have tried "Helpers" on FB and been ignored there whilst all those posts above and below it have been responded to. I am therefore going to seek advice as I believe the company is in breach of the DDA, not to mention the other issue of my having to compensate customers. If it were not for my carer I would have had to give up making altogether as I have too much stock to just let it go. I just can't express my sadness and disappointment with the company. You wouldn't recognise the JM FB page, it's gone from sycophantic to constant complaints. I hope all those on FB who in the past bullied others for complaining, are now holding their heads in their hands in shame.

Sorry if this is a bit garbly but I'm trembling from the blimmin' adrenaline that's running through me at the moment. I've spent the whole day complaining and stressing (not to mention the build up to this), and it's a long way from over yet. Huge sigh! xxxxxxxxxxx

PS to Meesh - Regards p&p, I think most of us were expecting something along the lines of the TJC practice of £2.95 for one item and then upped to a maximum daily of £4.95 as you add. I have had three orders from TJC this week, none expensive, all came by bike and each was received the second day after ordering.
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and another thing - lol she's on a roll. Don't count on getting your order anyway, as by the time they've picked others in advance of your own they are out of stock and you only find out on your invoice if you've ordered more than one item otherwise you may be lucky enough to finally get an e-mail. xx


I wrote on Gems fb page about the problems regarding having things taken from your basket and having to dash off to checkout straight away etc, asked why don`t we have a remove botton and the problems it causes having to sort each item one at a time. Someone rather rudely replied it wasn`t rocket science and would only take a few minutes to pay for each item as you buy it. Sorry but I beg to differ !
I still watch Gems now and again but haven`t bought anything since these not so wise changes changes came into force. Firstly because I like to consider purchases and not make instant payments because being human I also like to change my mind from time to time, especially if later in the show you see something else you prefer.
Secondly I simply can`t be doing with the messing around of dashing off to checkout everytime I bid on one item. I think they should give you a realistic set time to add things to your basket without losing them and then checkout everything at once, lets say 24 hours and also add a remove button.
I`ve settled for Ebay instead and can add things to my basket, think about them, remove them if I change my mind or find something else I prefer and the seller I`ve been buying 925 silver handmade jewellery from includes 1st class recorded delivery in the price and a lovely gift box.
Also the special diamond ring I was originally looking for from Gems was cancelled, I went to Etsy, had one made to my own design and with no hassle whatsoever regarding payment or delivery and it cost just a few pounds more.
Not that Gems will miss me, I know they won`t but as far as I`m concerned it`s still their loss and not mine. If the little man or woman marches with their feet then maybe sooner or later they`ll get the message to listen to their customers.


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Some of the FB users are so rude. Yesterday someone on JM had a little moan (very minor) and was told to "get over it". I don't look a great deal but whenever I do there is always a nasty remark(s) to some poor soul, yet JM in particular keep banging on about the "JM family on FB". Yeah right. I certainly wouldn't want to admit that a lot of it was my "family". xxxxxxxxx

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