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That old tat peddler Fibby Flint has announced that she's had her covid booster & added that she was a volunteer first time round. How has a 59 year old been seen so quickly?
We had our boosters on 1st October. We are both 72 and the rates are rising all over.

I'm still waiting to be called for my 3rd prime covid inj. - not a booster, as I'm taking immune suppressants, yet the local surgery can't get their act together so far.
Our surgery hasn't done flu jabs for the second year running.


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“Kick” being the operative word. Whenever I’ve seen her she’s always got her leg out or is posing. As for the few seconds when she was gavorting around pretending she was a model, well ….. words fail me. 🙄

Although I switch over quickly whenever she is presenting, I will admit to watching a few minutes if only to laugh at her antics to “engage” with the customers, before I cringe and change channels.
Ms Dayes was on Britain's Next Top Model in 2009 & the one in the US three years later. She wasn't very popular on the American one where she was described as being more of a presenter than a model, how ironic that now she's a presenter she pretends to be a model.

Our surgery hasn't done flu jabs for the second year running.
Our surgery hasn't opened its doors.

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She went to drop in for the booster, most 59 year old won't be 6 months after their 2nd jab yet but she is due to her volunteering 🙄😒
What’s her excuse for dropping in at the Tory Party Convention?
Back to old June and the booty shaker,I thought June held it together with dignity and grace,under severe awful presenting from her co host.


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I wanted to watch the Frank Usher show, not because I wanted to buy anything but because I like June. I lasted 15 minutes before I changed channels. I’m afraid I won’t be watching any shows in future on which Annaliese (or however you spell it) is the presenter. Having tried to ignore her “innit” and “babe” rubbish and her posing malarkey, when she said “ain’t” instead of “isn’t” I went into “teacher mode” and turned QVC off.

She seems to think that she is “it” but she is definitely anything but. However, I doubt QVC will care what the customers think.
I totally agree. She is full of herself and totally unappealing.


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Here is the reply I got to my email saying i am finding Annaliese unwatchable

I'm sorry to hear that you've not been enjoying our shows and that our presenter makes you feel this way.
We are always reviewing opportunities to enhance our shows and presentations so thank you for taking the time to email in your feedback.
Your comments have been passed to the relevant department.
We really appreciate your feedback and if we can help with anything else, please get back in touch.
Best wishes,


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The only way they can review opportunities to enhance their shows and presentations is by employing professional people and not individuals who are there to self-promote or to faff about.

Sadly, I’ve no doubt that their reply is a generic one and, once again, viewers will be ignored.


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You took the time and trouble to contact them, cassie99, so their reply should have been more personal, in my opinion.

They always say that comments have been passed to the relevant department, but I just have a feeling that they are then “filed” because nothing at QVC really changes.


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Cassie 99 - this is exactly the same reply I received, so its clearly generic. I believe someone on here said years ago, that its not QVC who we fire the email off to, but an outside company who do the answering and filtering. So I'm highly sceptical that our 'feedbacks' do get fed back to the 'relevant department', but it feels good to get it of my chesticles. That said, if enough emails are sent and overwhelm then maybe someone will pick up that there's a problem.

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