New Studio


Retired - Don't Quite Fit
What a massive fuss about absolutely sweet fa. Wasn't it all supposed to be so exciting? Just looks exactly the same minus the trimmings, but with the same failing website and graphics, and no effort at all being made to jazz up the programme either. Total zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Strikes me they'd do better to spend some money on the inner workings rather than the outer.



New member
It doesn't look any different at all! Just like the old one, just with a white paint job! Pathetic...just a load of hype over nothing.



Staff member
It looks like it has been made smaller and the sound the other day was dreadful, horrible echo when Carol spoke, and the position of presenter is now odd, they appear to be standing almost side on to look at camera, very strange!


VIP Shopper
Everything just seems too white to me....and when you compare the colours of the gems with the colours in the photographs....well the photos look really dull in comparison. What have they been up to????