New Yankee Candle Labels


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Have we discussed this before? I don't think so! Anyway, YC are changing their labels from this Autumn. Gone are the nice big pictures to be replaced by a miserly little strip of illustration. The font is changing as well. IMHO it is a lot less attractive and rather cheapens the look. Examples are on along with a rather lovely YouTube film by a reviewer called Gretchen who found some new ones in a US store called something like Bath, Bed and Beyond. (What is that, the grave?) Waxaddicts say the new style has received world wide disapproval, so that will no doubt mean it will go ahead... :mysmilie_19:

I expect we will hear from Rosa and Steven that is a much more modern take etc etc but it makes the jar look more like a Simply Home range candle than the now less than cheap standard range. Sadly I know it won't stop my addiction. On the plus side the new labels can be easily peeled off. But part of the attraction for me was always the labels. Hey ho.


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I think they look really naff and cheap with that logo and label. Glad I don't bother with the candles any more, scent cups all the way for me.


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cheap and nasty looking not for me
I never thought a big jar with labels all over it was in any way attractive in the first place. I know the shades were for a purpose but to me it was like trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Melts or a brand where a pillar candle can go in a glass hurricane lamp for me.


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My eyes were drawn to the information that Rubbermaid (the cleaning products company) now own Yankee Candle.

I think the new labels are to make the brand more prominent rather than the picture.

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