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Just read a new post on Debbie Flint's FB saying Will had advised that after a 9 month battle with cancer, Charlie has finally beaten the illness. Poor woman- no wonder she looked so ill. Very glad to hear she is doing so well.


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Great news. Yes there was a post on here about here being ill with Cancer. It was announced on their Facebook page she would be taking time off because of illness.

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Thanks Donna, I had seen the post about Charlie not being well enough to work but somehow missed the awful news of her having ovarian cancer; so glad she's beaten it and I hope this news is also encouraging for other women with that terrible disease.


Really encouraging news and I hope Charlie's building up her strength. I've warmed to her other half as he guested without Charlie for the recent CB shows, some genuinely funny moments. Wishing them both a positive and healthy future.


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Very pleased for her. And him. It is a terribly cruel illness.


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Excellent news and I hope she continues to get better every day. Had been wondering about how she was getting on.


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Wow so pleased for Charlie and loved ones ....:mysmilie_8: I wish them the best of times for the future


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That's really good news,encouraging for those going through cancer treatment at the moment too


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So nice to hear some good news and what hope it must give others who are battling this dreadful disease. xx


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I knew she was poorly but not that she had that terrible ovarian cancer. So glad to hear she has come through. I know some people think it smarmy when Will tells how they met but I have always thought it is a lovely story and they obviously adore one another. Will has always seemed very protective of Charlie.

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