NIOD is launching on QVC Beauty before the main Q Channel


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btruaxe�� | This beautifully-packaged crunch is “Well & Truly” — but it would be Truly Well if one adds precisely the two items that are clearly missing, as shown: “40% [more] fat” and “gluten”, while still maintaining “all-natural ingredients” (presumably meaning ONLY all-natural ingredients). It was still the tastiest pseudo-unhealthy snack I have ingested during the last 7 days.— In short, I was brought to St Thomas’ Hospital 7 days ago because of “paranoia” after being very clearly provoked. I was given no access to technology until yesterday. In long, please refer to the next posts — and those coming in the days ahead. @esteelaudercompanies — congratulations on your interim successes as a result of providing incomplete, manicured, misrepresented and irrelevant facts to Canadian courts (a) to distracts from serious issues about which I have raised concern and (b) to discredit me. For so long as I’m alive, I’ll defend my rights and those of @deciem. Wrong is never everlasting

btruaxe�� | Part 1 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
Hello —
My name is Brandon Carrano Truaxe. While I don’t believe this form is designed to submit communication such as this one, my means of relaying this information to the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or other governing bodies are limited at this time.

Please allow me to offer background with respect to the broader matter that may be of interest or concern to the SEC. (Please note that all currency references made in this submission are in Canadian dollars.) I’m founder and ex-CEO (“terminated” as a result of a last-minute court order without a hearing from me) of DECIEM Beauty Group Inc. [hereinafter, “DBGI” and/or “DECIEM”, interchangeably], a Canadian business that’s become a leader in skincare and functional beauty globally with stores around the world under the trade name, THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY. I founded DECIEM 5+ years ago — the business (~$160m+/fiscal year ended July 31, 2018, ~$300m revenue run-rate for the current fiscal year of 2019) has disrupted the business of beauty, mainly skincare, by bringing absolute transparency in communication, quality and pricing to a broad audience. DECIEM operates in several countries, the key ones being the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and South Korea — DECIEM’s main operating website is
In June 2017, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE:EL) [hereinafter, “ELC”] which owns brands like M.A.C., BOBBI BROWN, Aveda, La Mer and others) invested $50m for a minority (~33.3%, ~28% fully-diluted) stockholding position in DECIEM, through a directly-owned UK subsidiary (of ELC). The other shareholder, which had invested $1.8m (of equity) several years earlier and facilitated certain loans as needed and was available, is Raduna Inc. (formerly CMMG Finance Inc., controlled by Mr. Pasquale Cusano), owns the same perecharge, leaving me the balance and making each of the three of us equal minority shareholders.
If I understand correctly deciem is a minority shareholder?


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btruaxe�� | Part 2 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text ———— ... Despite this equality in shareholding, I control the board of DECIEM, negotiated from the very first investment and reiterated at the time of ELC’s investment, a position I had secured for two reasons: 1) to protect the unity, integrity and clarity of the DECIEM’s brand and subsidiary brands, from commercial and marketing perspectives; and 2) to disallow DECIEM from being involved in any activity that may seem like it may have fraud in its intent, a reason that’s important to me because of the historical context that I have offered further below.
As further material background, I’m facing a major dispute involving DECIEM and its shareholders. As such, I’m currently in the process of identifying and engaging focused, confident and trustworthy, conflict-free (in relation to facing ELC) litigation counsel in what I believe will be one of the most publicised cases in Canadian history, involving current and historical companies listed on US stock exchanges. All my current trusted legal contacts would be in conflict as my relationship with them has been one involving DECIEM and/or ELC (or its extensive list of subsidiary brands). During the last year, I have been concerned about possible, but very-likely, financial wrongdoings related to one of our shareholders. I first brought up this issue to Mr. Leonard Lauder of ELC, out of respect for them and for the fact that news about such concern would likely affect them as a public entity first, but, after a period of inaction and silence from them, I began discussing this matter more publicly
btruaxe�� | Part 3 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
During this time, the shareholders of DECIEM have attempted to present me as mentally unable, as a drug addict and as a person unqualified to run the business or even be a director, to the public, to the DECIEM team, to police, to medical professionals, and now to courts. Several acts of bribery have likely occurred during this time, including engagement in several new forms of crime, such that, at this time, based on a variation to an order I had never seen before, and based on a one-day notice for me to appear for hearing while I was out of the country, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ordered that I’m no longer to be CEO, I no longer have board rights and that I no longer can interact with any employee of DECIEM, and that I should stay at least 300m away from the residences of Mr. Leonard Lauder and Mr. Andrew Ross of ELC. My access to my business email, my phone (which was also my personal phone) and all other data facilities was immediately taken away and DECIEM immediately deleted many social posts I had posted on DECIEM’s Instagram account (@deciem). I first became familiar with Mr. Pasquale Cusano and CMMG Finance Inc. in 2006 and, since then, I have been witness to multiple acts of very-likely fraud with respect to public entities on the OTCBB as well as extensions of such fraud into private investments that were then later part-acquired by public entities on other exchanges.
During this period, I have filed several press releases hinting about such fraud, I have contacted serveral legal firms and banks, as well as organizations like FINRA, to highlight such possible fraud.
btruaxe�� | Part 4 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
I am a citizen and resident of Canada, but I am writing to you from the Admissions Ward of St Thomas' Hospital in London, UK, where I am being “cared for” (held) temporarily under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, for the repeated excuse of "mental disability" (in this case purportedly for being “paranoid” after I was very obviously provoked ~7 days ago), a condition that the shareholders of my current private business, whose involvement in the aforementioned schemes I have reported publicly, keep pursuing as a way of distracting the public.
I strongly believe and insist that I do not suffer from any mental condition — or any condition that would disallow me to communicate logically about business matters or otherwise.
My most recent business position, as I explained earlier, was CEO (/founder) of DECIEM Beauty Group Inc., a private Canadian corporation, owned 33.3% by Truaxe Inc. (owned and controlled by me), 33.3% by The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE:EL) through a UK subsidiary of theirs, and 33.3% by Raduna Inc. (formerly CMMG Finance Ltd., controlled ultimately by Mr. Pasquale Cusano), on a non-fully-diluted basis (excluding unvested options held by optiobholders, mainly employees of the group; otherwise ~28% each on a fully-diluted basis). I founded DBGI in 2012 and started operations in 2013 to offer quality, affordable skincare products to a broad audience, with transparency in communication and marketing. DBGI's revenues grew organically, yet exponentially, to $160m for the fiscal year ended July 31, 2018, as audited by Deloitte anually. Our most recent runnrate for revenues, prior to my abrupt removal from operations, exceeded $300m/year.
During the first year of operations, CMMG Finance Ltd., agreed to invest C$1.8m and on June 15, 2017, The Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) invested $C50m to acquire the percentage highlgihted above. Our agreements offer me indefinite control of the board of directors of DBGI, as well as indefinite executive control as CEO, in part to prevent likely fraud similar to that I experienced with CMMG Finance Ltd. in the past as follows
btruaxe�� | Part 5 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
a) with respect to EUOKO INC., which received an investment from CMMG Finance Ltd. after my introduction to Mr. Pasquale Cusano as a result of advertising in his publication, Nuvo Magazine. As CMMG owned 65% of EUOKO post such investment, shortly after, Mr. Cusano directed that EUOKO reverse-mergers with VITA EQUITY INC., later called DERMAXAR INC., in what became, in my highly-educated opinion, a setup for stock promotion and stock price manipulation through connected shareholders that seem independent. I released multiple news releases after each activity that seemed like a promotion, advising the public that the stock behavior is erratic and not reflective of the business of EUOKO. After ongoing disputes with Pasquale and his partners (see further below), I eventually became a part-time employee and finally left EUOKO and started Indeed Laboratories Inc. I have kept all electronic and paper records relating to EUOKO. It’s also notable, for reference, that Mr. Cusano also owns and operates Montecristo Jewelers Inc. (and Montecristo Magazine). b) with respect to UNIONTOWN ENERGY INC., with the individuals involved having also been involved with UNIVERSAL POWER CORP, both on OTCBB, to my knowledge as per Mr. Cusano and his partners (more details below); c) with respect to the shell that I believe eventually facilitated the public listing of AURORA CANNABIS RESOURCES INC. on the TSX in Canada (namely, AURORA RESOURCES INC. on TSX-V, if I’m correct in my speculation, as the name and shareholder arrangements were topics that I had overheard during my earlier involvements with Mr. Cusano
btruaxe�� | Part 6 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
For reasons explained in more depth below, I have begun discussing my speculations of these potential crimes and a new one that affected DECIEM itself publicly during the past 7 months. During this time, DBGI's shareholders have illegally invaded my privacy and provided illegally-obtained, incomplete, irrelevant evidence to medical professionals in the UK and Canada to establish that I have bipolar disorder. After having been twice through 7-day monitoring in a hospital in Canada (St Michael's) and one in the UK (Nightingale's), I showed no dependence on drugs (contrary to claims made by DECIEM’s shareholders — a claim which would regardless have no bearing on the business of DECIEM or the potential crimes I have discussed) and was released. During my latest trip (this one) to the US and Europe, ELC asked the courts in Canada to remove me from my position as CEO, to strip my rights to being a director, let alone controlloing the board, to remove my rights to contact any DECIEM employee, and my unnecessary privilege to be within 300m of the residences of Mr. Leonard Lauder and Mr. Andrew Ross of ELC. I was given one day to go to the hearing, absent which all of the above was ordered to ELC’s request.
As I am gathering my defense to undo this order, facing difficulty finding a legal firm that did not conflict with ELC due to their size and broad relationships, I have been at St Thomas' Hospital in London, UK, Admissions Ward, Side Room 60, for ~7 days, where I was given no access to my belongings, including technology, until yesterday.
During these months, I have been provoked to act paranoid on several occasions, largely, in my belief, to support that I have a mental disorder so as to either distract from or discredit my public discussions about these issues. While I have legal representation with respect to my being in this hospital and have every belief that I’ll leave here safely in the coming days, I’m taking this opportunity to write to the SEC, in the hopefully-unlikely case that my access to technology is restricted again for a long period.
btruaxe�� | Part 7 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
I have offered further details about the cases above, below.
I met Pasquale Cusano, Stuart McPherson and Richard Hue (previously involved with the gang, Hell's Angels, I learned later) in 2006 as they had expressed interest to invest in my skincare business, EUOKO INC., which I founded with Julio Alexis Torres Lopez, after I had advertizied in Pasquale's Nuvo Magazine. After the private investment was completed by CMMG Finance Inc., the team approached me to suggest that the most efficient way to grow would be to reverse-merge into their existing public company, Vita Equity Inc., but I had no knowledge of public markets or reverse-mergers. Having had limited options (since the investment was made in installments) and since CMMG Finance Inc. owned 65% of EUOKO post the private initial investment, EUOKO proceeded with the reverse-merger. Once the transaction was completed, the Internet was suddenly flooded with information about the stock and no information about my brand could be found easily in the early pages of any popular search provider. I soon learned that a group, under the direction of Mr. Cusano and his partners, was promoting the stock very heavily as the market capitalization of this very new brand was growing exuberantly. I immediately released several news releases quoting the stock symbol to explain that this stock behavior was erratic and unexpected. In protest to my news releases that hindered any stock promotion effort, Richard Hue became very angry at Pasquale Cusano and suggested that, unless $1m in cash is paid to him immediately, his family would be at risk. Pasquale paid this amount, according to both parties, and Richard was no longer involved with EUOKO to my knowledge. I threatened to quit several times and eventually became a part-time employee as per an SEC filing showing that my salary was halved for this reason and I went on to start another private business called Indeed Laboratories Ltd [“Indeed”], agreeing not to compete in the premium skincare business which was the business of EUOKO (Indeed offered products in the mass category only for this very reason
btruaxe�� | Part 8 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
I eventually left EUOKO completely when Pasquale agreed to close all operations, suggesting to take the business private for the valuation of all the loans outstanding to CMMG Finance Ltd., which were about C$8m, ~HK$72, which was announced via two news releases, one specifically intended to attract attention to potential issues with the stock by highlighting Hong Kong as the region of distribution in text but choosing the United States as the actual region of distribution. Macdonald Tuskey, the counsel at the time in charge of this transaction, did not communicate further with me post my departure, and the business eventually became delisted due to several missed SEC filings. About 2 years ago, Jim Wong, Pasquale's tax counsel, prior to ELC's investment in DECIEM, foreclosed on this loan outstanding still to EUOKO, as he was trying to move all other assets out of CMMG to leave only DBGI in Raduna Inc., for tax efficiency, to my knowledge.
The same individuals involved with the possible stock promotion and price manipulation of EUOKO (namely, Pasquale Cusano and Stuart McPherson) later promoted a stock for UNIONTOWN ENERGY INC. (UTOG), previosuly INTELBAHN INC., which was initially intented to be a software company where I, Andrity Zolotoiy and Julio Alexis Torres Lopez were to develop software (we all studied computer science), but, without any communication to any one of us, the business' activity was changed to oil and gas resources, the stock was heavily promoted, and despite being named as the major stockholders in their filings, all our shares were blocked by the company
btruaxe�� | Part 9 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
We approached Canaccord, Scotiabank, RBC, GowlingWLG, Goodmans (through help of Michael B. Davidson of Greenbox/Total Cart Manegement and his counsel, Avi Greenspoon) for help and guidance. Eventually, the stock crashed after several news releases I sent and several legal notices to the company and to FINRA. Rosie Marone, of RBC, promised that she would report this matter, and I followed up with my current banker again recently (Stephen Voison) on this reporting, via my business email ([email protected]), an email thread I also published on DECIEM's Instagram (@deciem) recently since I began reporting these cases of potential fraud — DECIEM has deleted this post since my interim removal as CEO.
Please note that my access to [email protected] has been removed recently by DECIEM, and the account has been disabled completely, as per ELC’s guidance (as a highly-extended, irreparably-intrusive over-interpretation of the court order I have noted above). Please also note that several of my public posts on Instagram (@deciem) were also removed by DECIEM in the past 2-3 weeks since the court order. I have since been writing a few things, some of which indirectly highlight important matters, on my own personal account at @btruaxe.
btruaxe�� | Part 10 of as many as it takes to include the entirety of the text —
I started this reporting publicly and persistently on DECIEM channels, since Pasquale Cusano called me late last year and suggested that, unless I personally send C$500K to Almablanca in Monaco, an early-stage lender to DECIEM, Giuseppe Sorgenone, the priciapal, would “go to prison”. I was perplexed and angered, because this company had sent this amount, as a loan, to DBGI and DBGI had repaid all outstanding amounts, including any outstanding interest and royalties, to Francesca Cherici in Canada, as per a very clear letter of direction over a year prior to this call, and that this call was made after several requests by Almablanca to attempt to adjust the pathway of repayments — all of which requests DECIEM had justifiably declined to meet.
As mentioned, I have been kept at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London in the Admissions Ward, Side Room 60, for ~7 days without access to technology until yesterday and I am submitting as much initial information as I can do do sensibly via this note. The issue is likely much larger than meets the eye initially, especially in light of the extent of the attempts both ELC and Pasquale have made, directly and indirectly, to create distractions from and to discredit every attempt I make to raise public awareness of my concerns and observations. I am hoping to be out of this hospital by the 16th, ideally earlier, and have retained counsel, Zoren Nettey of Abbotts Martin, to assist with my discharge. ELC and Raduna are merely using references to a made-up mental disorder to distract from (and/or discredit me with respect to) the potential wrongdoings, financial (and now also otherwise) that I have been discussing
btruaxe�� | Part 11 of as many as it takes (11) to include the entirety of the text — (i.e., this post is the last one relating to this matter.) I appreciate that this communication may not flow ideally, is incomplete and contains repetitive pieces, but I’m confident these shortcomings are forgivable given that I have attempted to organize my understanding surrounding complex matters from a hospital room on a mobile device. I’ll be at your disposal to offer any further assistance that you may need, should you deem it worthwhile to investigate any matter I have highlighted.

P.S. — I invite you to view some of my posts on my personal Instagram (@btruaxe) that draw, comical-seeming but very-serious, parallels to happenings of the world today around us. I also invite you to see a video of how my team was asked to call the police to ask me to leave one of DECIEM’s stores in NYC during a simple visit in front of several customers, posted on the same account.
P.S. 2 — I am currently in the process of identifying and engaging representation a) to schedule a hearing in Canada to reverse the order and/or appeal the current ruling as efficiently (time-wise) as possible; b) to seek orders to undo some of the actions the team may have taken while the current order has been in effect; and c) to claim damages that I and DECIEM have incurred and continue to incur as a result of this irresponsible behaviour; and d) to take further action with respect to any potential crimes in relation to the matter I had discussed and those crimes arisen as a result of the actions I have described here that affect DECIEM and/or its shareholders, directors and/or employees — actions that have been taken likely either to distract from the topic of the likely crimes I had discussed or to discredit my observations


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TLDR. Feckingell, this will take me ages...please can someone precis this, perhaps from a phone in a comfy chair?


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Brandon is finally getting very specific about the financial dealings he's been hinting at for weeks.
He's coming so from a mobile device, from a UK Hospital where he has been since being sectioned. He's hoping to be out next week.
He says the allegations of mental illness are untrue and fabricated to allow a cover-up of financial crimes he has been alluding to.
The multiple detailed posts contain fairly detailed information about the various investing companies interacting with him as he's grown the two best known brands he created: Indeed Labs, Deciem.


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So he still saying they are all out to get him. And have him sectioned to get him out of the way. There are a lot more people who have invested in the company that we all knew about.

My life is just too short to read his rambling outbursts against every single person he is accusing of screwing him over.


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I hope not. Surprised some family member has not stepped in to manage his finances. All he does is travel staying in suites and rambling.


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btruaxe�� | @esteelaudercompanies: It appears that a few others may agree that your charity contributions don’t offset the wrong things you do to maximize your company’s valuation — a measure that’s not the same as shareholder welfare. You interfered with exposure of likely money-laundering and tax-avoidance related to Raduna Inc. and Mr. Pasquale Cusano, as well as prior stock market manipulation on the OTCBB, directly and indirectly affecting the welfare of DECIEM, its shareholders and me. I politely presented this concern first to Leonard Lauder to allow you the opportunity to approach reporting the matter in a way that would both offer transparency and minimize any negative impact on your market position on the NYSE. Your silence, followed by your denial of my board control rights, followed by framing me as a drug-addict and bipolar individual for distraction and to discredit me may have made you accomplice to those crimes or at least possibly negligent toward them. — Your more recent actions, on the other hand, are new forms of crimes with nearer certainty and highlight further that you may be creating distraction to avoid being scrutinized, possibly meaning that there might be other things you may have done wrong that have nothing to do with me or DECIEM — why else would a business your size be so focused on “protecting” its minority investment of CAD$50m in a business that grew from ~$42m to ~$160m in annual sales in your first year of investment? Have you got nothing better to do, such as focus on your declining brands that are forcing you to rely almost solely on new brand acquisitions and new market expansions to maintain your market momentum (a model I casually refer to as an “inverse pyramid”, as per one of my many posts on @deciem whose removal you have guided)? — For clarity, the new forms of likely-criminal, certainly-damaging acts in which you have engaged include using manicured and fabricated evidence and several acts of perjury to remove me as CEO, remove my board rights and disallow me to contact anyone at DECIEM based on a court order issued upon a hearing for which date I was given one day’s notice while out of the country. — More on the way


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Brandon could end up in court for libel for accusing the Lauder Group of money laundering. The Lauder Group have the money to do it.


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I thought he was playing with fire where big money is involved it’s dangerous


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btruaxe🗞 | Jonathan Ford of @financialtimes: Thank you for highlighting this problem. The same gross imbalance of power exists in the case of much larger businesses like @deciem in the face of ill-intended shareholders, like @esteelaudercompanies, who are not only much larger, but can use their connections within the industry, and beyond the industry including unexpected channels like hospitality, law enforcement and even medicine, to attempt to strangle smaller brands and their founders (“smaller” in this case meaning even those with run-rate revenues of around CAD$300m like DECIEM). The good news is that change in this case won’t need an independent tribunal like you have suggested in facing big banks — it instead needs only one “suddenly-bipolar”, “suddenly-druggie”, “previously-genius”, always-and-still-perseverant entrepreneur like @btruaxe who refuses to change the one polarity of his sudden “bipolar disorder” that points toward integrity. — Leonard Lauder, who knew me as a brother just a few months ago, once said that “Hope is on the horizon.” We both agreed but I’m confident that neither of us recognized then either the magnitude of this horizon or its distance. We’re nearly there.


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He really should make a donation to the NHS for his treatment. Given his lifestyle & net worth it's taking the piss.


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Bet that is an exciting read, not!

In the event of my death, I know I have been murdered by(fill in a very long list of people he is convinced want him dead), and want everyone to know this.:yawn::whew:


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This topic has been running for almost 3 years, now 739 posts, and as far as I can see the posts have nothing to do with Niod (whatever that is) and certainly not the launch on QVC 3 years ago.

IMO it would be much better to have topic headings that are actually about the subject, so is it time for this one to end?


I don't belong here...
I'd certainly vote for a separate "NIOD new items" thread which I am interested in; I CBA to read the out-pouring from Brandon Truaxe!

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