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I have looked at about seven items on QVC today each one had an issue. Four had no photographs, one had a really distorted image, thee had "videos" but a fixed photo with audio. They were all old items.

Why are QVC so something* with their something_else** web site?

*something - you can insert your own word, but I'd consider lazy, sloppy, care-less, don't care a flying flamingo, etc.

**something_else again insert your own words but I'd suggest unhelpful, faulty, clumsy, etc.

I often wonder am I the only one who gets so frustrated with their inattentive work?

I do get frustrated with other websites but not half not even a quarter as often with other shops, that is another subject for another time a places. And breathe 1, 2, in slowly 3, out slowly, 4.....

I have not mentioned their alphabetical way of sorting "foundation" shades when I'd have thought going from light to dark would have made sense. And how on earth size 8 should be at the end of a list of female sizes - I learnt how to prevent that in about 1978/9 so it is hardly an unknown issue without a well known solution.

I could easily add to this list but they don't care why should I? Anyway it also stops me looking there so no spends, always a bonus.

Please remember I was a software developer (programmer) specialising in trapping errors, minimising them. Blame my boss, he was good at building the individual to super build his team. He was innovative. He cared.


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What’s always fascinated me is how the website pictures bear absolutely no resemblance to the on air product. In all these years they’ve never adapted the bright light they take the website photo under, making the actual shade of the item in reality darker . All these years and they still continue to do it, unbelievable.
Boy oh boy this really bugs me! It’s not uncommon to have a page with more than half items with no image.

Why the heck are the photos of clothes all black where you can’t see any detail but Q are not alone in this .

The only plus point of Q’s website is that there are moving pictures which has stopped me in my tracks from placing an order, it’s one thing to see a static photo but once you see them moving you just know it’s not for you. BUT what is the point in those video clips ,for say a ring , where most of the time is spent on a close up of Julia talking about the previous item (and flicking her hair) and if you are very lucky the ring is shown for the last second.
I’m sure, even I who knows little about IT, could manage to get the clip which relates to the actual item.

The 10 year old IT manager must be having problems working from home cos his mum needs her laptop back.


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I posted a thread a long time ago about "image coming soon" and in fact, it never does, it's just an excuse for being too lazy to take a photo.

But nearly as bad is everything being photo'd against a white background, even if the item is white. I've seen so many pictures where the item is virtually invisible.
Just looking on line at a Together show this morning. At that time there were 7 items plus 1 unrelated and there were 4 with image coming.

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