Oh I wish.....


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that I could receive my other parcels from QVC as quick as they despatch Elemis !!!

I had notification that a couple of items had been despatched at the end of last week - still not received, but hey, Sunday I ordered an Elemis product, and it arrived this morning !

Is there a separate warehouse for Elemis - because they order so many millions they need to offload them more quickly????


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Ordered an item on Saturday and it arrived on Monday, and it wasn't an Elemis item.


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same with me ordered Saturday got it Monday...was surprised though
You know it is a funny thing but I ordered Wet and Forget on the 15th as I always like to have it blow me down with a feather and cover me all over in maple syrup, my Hermes guy delivered it to me yesterday afternoon, and I live in the S.W. of Scotland. I have never had an order from them that quick. It must be stored at the same warehouse as Elemis!:mysmilie_8:


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Well, its the luck of the draw I guess. I've been on to CS and bent their ear that Elemis is practically delivered overnight, whereas 2 items ordered at the beginning of last week have stilled failed to appear.


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I live in the Borders and everything takes a while to get to me but not the Elemis TSV which was super quick.



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Elemis is so overkill with the TSV's every month it seems and the 10's of thousands that need to be sold in 24 hours ..annoying
When I did buy (a lot!) it was usually 10 days at least for a delivery. Considering it was mostly jewellery that was pathetic.

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