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I'm probably way behind on this one but just noticed how many former QVC favourites are on The Craft Channel. Paul Lavers, Julian Ballantyne, Dawn Bibby, Debbie Greenwood and KATY JOHN (who I thought had disappeared into oblivion) are all there. I tuned in just now and there was Anthony Heywood and Anna "Aaaaaaaayaaaaannnnnaaaa" Griffin touting a £64 Filofax with loads of annoying stickers. The whole channel seems heavily QVC-inspired to me, and quite professional. I will try and watch when Paul Lavers is on.


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The little I have seen of that channel some of the presenters on there look like out of work actors... mind some of them are.lol
The only telly of this type I watch is QVC I never watch any other 'selling' channels, and have only watched Ideal World twice in its entire life, as for Craft I'd never watch because I'm not into crafting of any kind, but I will tune in later and see if what Julius says rings any bells with me also.


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Ive only hopped on to the Craft channel a handful of times (I'm not a crafter) but apart from the ex QVC presenters, I was wondering if that channel is part of QVC because it bears a strong resemblance with grafics and the likes, probably wrong though.

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Nothing to do with QVC , they now have ex C& C Dawn Wheeler presenting as well as the others.


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I don't think anything is actually live on there.. It all appears pre-recorded. Showing you demos and when you go to order its "out of stock" not for the
first time either.


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I haven't watched much crafting on QVC or C&C for a few years but I dip in and out of watching the Craft Channel as it's like a trip down memory lane; back to the days of watchable QVC. I've just tuned into the 11am hour today and see Kevin Duala has joined the presenter team. Anyone with kids now in their 20s may fondly remember him as "Kevin" on the UK version of Blue's Clues, a pre-school show from the 1990s. We once saw him in the M&S cafe in Brighton years ago and even though my two were surly teenagers by then, they were so chuffed to have seen him! He was wasted on the holiday channels so I hope he's happy doing craft instead.

The kids also remember Katy John from a kids' singing with story type kids show. Now they just need Dave Benson Philips (Fun Song Factory and Get Your Own Back) to join the team and like-minded 20somethings will start watching! :mysmilie_59:

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