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Having had my cooks essential pots for 3 years I was going to bin them as the tefal has came off and everything now sticks to them.. then I remembered the lifetime guarantee so called them up and guy said no problem to return them which is great BUT the shocking thing is he sent me out a membership statement so I could look up the item number myself... This list goes back to day one everything I have ordered in 9 years total spend of nearly £10k and postage of £1300 I am in SHOCK!!!!! :emo:


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It might be a good idea for me to ask for one of these statements for myself, then the shock will hopefully stop me buying anything else.

I keep coming across things I've bought from QVC (and at one time IW as well) and have either never used, or were useless, or overpriced.


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I looked at my history online. I stopped at a year ago as I was so disgusted with myself. I don't watch much anymore, but thanks to this forum I can still get a heads up on TSV's etc, which might be worth a look. I have started to save what I used to spend and that in itself has becom addictive, as has getting rid of all the crap I bought by selling it on fleabay.
What does appal me though, is that YOU had to look up the item number!


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I have managed to NOT buy any thing form either QVC or IW for 9 months now. I have been keeping a list of what I might have brought if I wasn't flat broke!
It came in at over £2,00 and it wasn't that long a list.
I haven't come to any awful harm and my teachers haven't suffered from a lack of presents!!
My neighbours are still talking to me.
So I will not be buying any thing for the next 9 months.
Just think of all the money I will be saving.


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it does sometimes take a short sharp shock to cure these addictions! I wouldn't dare look at my history - tho I don't buy much now, I've been with Q for best part of 16 years and in the early days I bought lots!


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I think when we first find QVC we all tend to go mad and order things that we probably don't need. It is just too easy. I know I used to see something, think that looks good and order it without a second thought. I didn't even bother about the p & p. Now I have to be much more selective and think twice about what I buy . I also do factor the p & p into the price now. I wish I had done this much sooner though. My bank balance would be much healthier than it is now. :cash:


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When I first discovered QVC I was addicted, I spent loads and loads. I think I would be physically sick if I ever added it all up. I used to earn a lot more in those days too but ill health and part time work have seriously curtailed my spending habits. Plus this forum has been and continues to be a godsend. If I am tempted, coming on here and having a good giggle about the general daftness of some of the products and the presenters makes it lose its allure for me. I do buy the odd thing (and lets face they sell some odd things!) but the p and p and the fact you can generally get it cheaper from other online sellers or (whisper it low) the dreaded high street have put the brakes on my spending.


I'm like you silversequin..I spent heaps in my first few years with QVC before ill health and income support curtailed my spending. Now I'm an eBay refugee, where I can get many of the products I used to buy on QVC very cheaply, thank goodness.


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I think we all did it in the early days didn't we?
I know I did & to be honest I'd rather not even think about the money I splurged!

It's getting easier to resist now, especially after finding this site & being able to giggle about things. The prior knowledge of TSVs is a big help, giving time for a bit of thinking instead of being carried away by the hype.
But I'm not quite there yet. Can resist for months, give or take a few lapses, but then sometimes go a bit mad & spend more than I should....I put it down to a red mist that fuddles the brain! :confused:


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I never purchase anything, be it from QVC or the high street, on impulse. So whatever I do spend, I do so because I either want it or need it. My last purchase from QVC was the Acer laptop, for me a necessary purchase as my HP has a faulty graphics chip and - how unfortunate - my desktop is kaput. I don't spend money on going out or on anything else really. Mum told me to treat myself, so I did, and I will get my money's worth out of it as I am online constantly. For me, QVC's MBG is invaluable, allowing the purchaser to buy in the knowledge that should you change your mind, for whatever reaon, it can be sent back. Plus the EP scheme - psychologically, it doesn't seem as if you are spending as much when it is spread over a few months! I have always found QVC CS team to be extremely affable and helpful. Pity IW don't value it's customers in the same positive way. But. then, you do have a choice of whether to shop with them or not - and I choose not to.


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Yes we've all done it & I don't think I want to know because I can't change it. No sense in beating myself up over things I have done years back. I am now far more selective & shop around. Gone are the days when I used to think I MUST have that!

I also think that having a mother who was clealry obsessed with QVC & brought & brought stuff which is no more use to her now she is has severe dementia & in a home made me think. I was shocked & truly appalled at the stuff I found still in boxes & bags not opened. She ran up horrendous bills for my father on junk from QVC & IW. GOK why he allowed her to do it.
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My Mum's house was a bit like that when we cleared it out, Lilian; not so much from shopping telly but every other type of mail order including some dodgy looking slimming cures (and she only weighed about 7 stone wet thru!). Very sad and hard not to get angry.

Jude xx