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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you guys at Coloured Rocks know, I've been watching today and think the jewellery kits are great, I might even be tempted to give it a go myself, looking at some of the results :)

I've noticed that some of the on screen graphics are cut off on my TV, at the bottom of the screen. I can only see half of the website address! I flicked over to Rocks TV and the ticker at the bottom is the same, some of the text is cut off. I'm watching in widescreen and I've checked the settings are right so I assume it's just getting cut off.

You probably can't tell in the studio so I thought I would bring it to your attention and maybe they could be adjusted slightly for future shows.


Paula Bennett

Hi howmuchisthep_and_p,

If you try this it might help:

Press SKY on your sky remote
Press Services
Press System Set UP
Press Picture Settings
Picture Format 16:9
Press Save Settings
Press Backup 3 times and fingers crossed the full graphics should be on screen.

If this still does not work can you send us a photo?

Kind Regards

Paula Bennett
Thank you for your help, Paula.

I checked the settings as you suggested but still find that the graphics are cut off at the bottom.
This is what it looks like, I have only taken the bottom part as the rest is fine!
I caught the word "shopping" as it went past as there are lots of descenders in it that I can't see! :)

Thanks again.

It's quite dusty! LOL
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Hi I have had a look at both channels on sky and mine is fine I can see all the graphics
dont know if thats any help but thought it may be helpful to know its not like this for everyone
The thing I have found though with the jewellery maker is the sound often breaks up when the designers are speaking and thats annoying if there telling you how to do some technique or other or a top tip and you miss half of it .

Paula Bennett

Hi howmuchisthep_and_p,

Thank you for your photos I've sent them to our graphics team to look at and will be back with an update soon.

Milly, I apologise about the sound issues. We have made lots of changes and tweaks but haven't completely solved the problem. We will be on the move to Eagle Road Studios soon so hopefully that will resolve the problem entirely.

Kind Regards

Paula Bennett


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Hi Paula,
I just thought I'd let you know that the ticker seems to be sorted for me - I was previously experiencing the same problem with it being slightly cut out, but today, it appears to have moved up the screen ever so slightly :)


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Thankyou Paula for your reply I hope the move will sort out the sound to, as its a shame to miss the interesting bits I like the new channel and its inspired me to have a dabble myself I hope its not going to lead to another obsession but I think it may well do lol


In an Ideal World ...
I have this problem on my 16:9 set in the bedroom I believe it has something to do with the picture being overscanned. Some tellys, like mine you can't take it off. I thought that as well as graphics being 4:3 safe they had to be a little off the bottom from this reason too, but obviously it is up to the broadcaster as some even ignore the 4:3 safe rules these days.


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