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Jun 24, 2008
I am a vaper- Ok I said it lol! I usually buy a £12.99 "pen vape" from a local independent vape shop, they last for ages, but eventually the battery needs replacing and at that price I'm happy to buy a new unit. Yesterday I felt I could do with a new one, but when I went to the cabinet in the store I couldn't see the one I usually buy, there were some slightly more pricey ones but they looked different, so I enquired about the one I normally buy - He barked "They they same" I politely pointed out that they didn't look the same, they were not in a box and the price was higher his reply " Things go up you know?" How I wished I'd just walked out and looked elsewhere because I bought one. The old ones used to come with a full charge, this one worked but after a very short time it stopped working so I put it on charge for a few hours - This did the trick but it only held charge for around five minutes, so I tried again and same problem. I went out last night taking my old one which is frankly on it's last legs, charged the new one again to find the problem was still there.
This morning I returned to the store and told him that the one I'd bought yesterday was faulty and he said "You do need to charge these things up you know" I kept cool and calm and explained that I had charged it (more than once). He snatched it off me and plugged it in and because the light came on he said "see, it working", I calmy said "it's not working" so he went over to the cabinet and screwed a battery off another one and said try this. I could immediately tell that this one was faulty too as the button had fallen in, he huffed and gave me yet another one, I tried it and nothing, so he told me to take it home and charge it. I said I'd rather have one that's working as they should (starting to feel a lot less cool) . I pointed to another vape in a box that was the same price, so I said "could I not have this one instead" ..."Oh no he said I can't give you a whole new device". He screwed off yet another one and it did seem to work ok. Got it home and less than half an hour later it stopped working, so right now it's on charge in the other room and if after 3 hours or so I'm still getting the same problem then it's back to the shop but this time I shall ask for a refund. I rather suspect that I will encounter the same problem and that he will refuse to reimburse me and I'm not so sure what to do. It's a small private business, therefore no complaints dept, head office or email address. I don't want a stand up row, I just want to be treated fairly - The guy sold me faulty goods and I'm not happy about it! I really hope that this 3 hour charge does the trick and it works as it should thereafter, I'm not in the mood for an argument.
Thankfully this one seems to work ok but as much as I like support local business I don't appreciate being treated and spoken to like $h1t, therefore I shall be seeking an alternative place to buy, hopefully this shouldn't be for another good few months and maybe that employee will have moved on by then
This is one of the problems with an unregulated product. There's nothing you can do about quality control (or lack of it for vapes) but maybe a call to your local council's consumer department might buck up their ideas of customer services.

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