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We had a whirlwind romance. Met in October 78, first date April 79, engaged July 79 and married October of the same year. He proposed standing on the doorstep of my Mums house. She hated him and gave me a "him or me" ultimatum. Naturally I picked him and I moved in with him in the August. As he didn't want me to be "one of those women" we bought our wedding forward. Local registry office with a shop bought Christmas cake with the decorations removed. Just 3 guests, his parents and my miserable Mum. We are still together almost 41 years later. 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. My Mum went to her grave despising him. At her funeral he stayed in the car after dropping me off as he didn't want her to be offended with his presence. Love him.


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Not really alter ego because we tended to keep our distance, just a monthly visit with the grandchildren - or less if we could get away with it ;)
Was a shame really because she wasn't interested in her grandchildren at all. I guess that I have learnt from that though because I love ours. Lockdown has been a bit hard not seeing the boys but our granddaughters live in Surrey so don't see them as often as we would like.


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SF nothing wrong with that, if me and the husband would’ve split I wouldn’t be arsed getting another one either. ❤ xx
After my very brief marriage in 1984 I vowed never again and I haven't. I've already told Mr CC not to ask me because he knows the answer 😁

My mum however, sneaked off on holiday and married her second husband without telling us. Too mean to stand a round of drinks for her own family. Knowing how much we drink the holiday was probably cheaper 😂😂😂



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My OH of 15 years sometimes hints at marriage, then we realise it would be far too complicated, what with 2 houses, 6 children, wills, lasting powers of attorney, separate pensions (which would drastically reduce) and lots of other complications.

And it is also good to get some breathing space in our own houses (10 miles apart) when needed.

After husband died, 8 years later I met a lovely chap, but he lived in Zurich ! we had a fabulous relationship, he would come here once a month, and I would go over there alternate months, so we had the best of both worlds, our independence and being together. It worked well for 2 years, then he died. I know, I don't have much luck, so I was reluctant to 'get involved' again, as I thought they might not have a long shelf life with me !! even my friends started calling me the black widow. But it wasn't me ! - honest !
Oh Brissels don’t write it off especially if it’s on your terms, ie not a free housekeeper,

My late father had a lady friend in his late 80’s but when he was 90 went into a nursing home and she was rarely seen for the last 2 years until he passed but he died thinking she was a saint.


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It's lovely, & makes life much easier, if in-laws like each other & even tolerating them allows family life to be peaceful. Unless your son or daughter is involved with someone really bad I think parents should do everything possible to keep things friendly, especially when there are children involved. I had the MiL from hell, she was a woman who shouldn't have had children & didn't like them either so I knew that I wasn't hated alone. My mum loved her SiLs as her own & they loved her back. She died two years before my sister's husband was diagnosed with brain cancer; she would have been devastated, however, she'd have given them lots of support & been outstanding. I think I've got a good relationship with our SiLs & when I hit rock bottom earlier this year it was the younger one who was really concerned about me, bless.


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Firstly I didn’t say she was in to “boys stuff” I said she was laddish, bit of a difference and secondly, it doesn’t matter to me one iota what sexual orientation someone is, doesn’t affect me, doesn’t bother me, none of my business, all I’m saying is Chloe is quite masculine (nothing wrong with that) and to be honest I’ve got a good gaydar anyway so to me, it stood out a mile. I’m not judging anyone I want that made clear, I’m just surprised that anyone watching Chloe on QVC at her more reserved behaviour, couldn’t tell. I still can’t stand her aggressive, forceful attitude feminine/masculine straight woman or feminine/masculine gay woman it’s her, not her sexuality.

Sorry for your loss ❤ x
Thanks, and yes I suppose I was being 'liberal' in the interpretation

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We met and married within 10 months - everyone thought I must be pregnant - DS came along 13 years later lol ..

MIL told me, on our first meeting, that Margaret (to whom OH was engaged to) was such a wonderful person - she did bugger off to Australia with her family - so needless to say I didn’t warm to her. She died a few years later ...


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I can’t believe there are many people who don’t know Chloe Everton is gay, mostly down to her mannerisms being very “laddish” I can’t stand her, not because she’s gay, just can’t stand her. Every time I have the misfortune of channel hopping on QVC and she’s there, I hear Aerosmith’s (and the Mrs Doubtfire clip playing footy to) “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”
Chloe got engaged to her partner last year I think she may work at QVC .Chloe definitely seems to be the masculine one in the relationship


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Chloe got engaged to her partner last year I think she may work at QVC .Chloe definitely seems to be the masculine one in the relationship
I always see her as one of the mean girls at school, along with Knuckles Kramer I'd have avoided her like the plague.


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I know exactly what you mean. The type who always had a 'gang' around her, and who you'd walk a mile in the other direction to avoid.
I suppose anything “arty” or media driven and in a capital city will have a much higher percentage than in my country town small office. or perhaps in cities they are able to be more open whereas our town wouldn’t be that broad minded- much better than before but would expect it all to be kept behind closed doors.

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