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After the recent threads I decided to flick to JM. Nothing new and nothing that made me watch so logged into facebook to see what others have been creating.

OMG all hells broken loose :devil::devil::devil:

JM offered a kit with silver/plated findings along with SS and from what I read without telling customers :mysmilie_506: The web site was only amended after a lot of discussion on FB.

Some one spotted it and most are not happy at all.

I remember Steve saying 100 times over and over he will NEVER sell anything but REAL metal!!! This is so sneaky and I think its the way they decided to present it - has backfired big time I think!!

What is happening Steve? Its like rockstv and falling auctions all over again. They really know how to loose their valued customers in one shot :wonder:

This does not affect me at all as I don't buy from JM or watch JM but I am extremely disappointed and sad to see this happening.

Rant over!


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For goodness sake - all this chopping and changing, making short lived promises, changes on a whim and no updates for customers is really unacceptable. What on earth is going on? If this continues, as you say BB, they'll be heading down the Rocks&Co road. There's only so long a company can last on it's previous reputation before people lose patience and never return.


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I remember the old days of Rocks when Steve would be almost too honest. For example would say here is some Tanzanite which has got inclusions so not the best but I am going to do a price which reflects that. I dunno about anyone else but I would much prefer this to hearing stuff like what they have done on JM today. I bet they would call a Spade a titanium cut blade that can dig through to Down Under ? :p

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