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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone been watching this. I turned on to see a small bunch of plastic hydrangeas on offer for £45- which is an introductory offer and would normally set you back £52! A single cushion cover would set you back 5p shy of £27 - Get stuffed, pun intended! I wouldn't describe the collection as tat by any means, but it's nothing you couldn't pick up from the Range/Dunelm or online at Wayfair for a fraction of the price. What is it with QVC? they just don't seem to know the meaning of the word value, well good value anyway. I get the convenience of seeing something you like the look of on screen and ordering it, but this stuff is all on advanced orders so you have to wait the best part of a month for delivery (27th May). The stuff is proving very popular, well that's what they're saying.
There's a large bunch of plastic flowers and foliage for £103 & postage! I've just checked out Q's facebook page and it seems that most people are in agreement with me here!
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I watched it and although I like the finer jar and the big blue vase, it is run of the mill stuff that you can pick up. Especially The Range they tend to have stuff like this.

As for the rabbits I got two about eight years ago from Next in the sale. One is sitting and the other stretched out lying down and they are in silver. I didn’t pay £45.00 for the pair of them either.

From what I could work out the QVC buying team had gone to a design show - probably like the NEC in Birmingham and did a deal with them there.

Otters Brook may not have had huge stock to begin with so I wouldn’t read too much into that - the returns could be interesting!
Things like the fake flowers, prints and cushions you can buy in Home Bargains for a fraction of the price. Was that the show that was selling big vases that you couldn't put water in? They were just for decoration or putting the fake flowers in. More clutter then.

Just on things being cheaper, I was looking for a metal obelisk to grow my climbing beans on and everything I saw online was over £20. Nipped into Home Bargains and they had very similar for £4.99. I don't go into town very often but it does pay to see what's on offer - no postage either.

As much as I liked the look of some of the stuff, even the large vase full of fake flowers! This sort of thing is only gonna look good in the right setting, and my small flat isn't it! I do have a couple of little "accent" pieces dotted around but on the whole everything I buy needs to have a practical use. I thought the floral cushion covers looked very upmarket but they just wouldn't look right in my place and for £27 for a regular sized one without an actual cushion inside - Really? I can't imagine there's any quality that befit a price like that - Leave the silly prices to Liberty/Fortnum Q, ( I know they'd be a lot dearer than that) but at the end of the day like we've all said this brand is unknown and the likes can be picked up in places like the range and home bargains.
You’ve all hit the nail on the head. Nice stuff but too expensive compared with high street stores selling similar at less than half the price. Most of them also sell on line - not necessary to cart heavy pottery stuff home on the bus.

For these prices I would expect to see more unusual home decor items that we just don’t see elsewhere.
Just had a look online to see what this was about, didn’t see the show.Agree there is nothing so different that you couldn’t pick up elsewhere and most likely at far cheaper prices.Remember however that the QVC faithful will most likely not look around, or compare prices from other sources.See on Q, click, deliver and keep even if they are not ‘blown away’ by their purchase, remember Hyacinth?

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