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What a sight badger-hair looks, not just in that picture, but every time I see her on air. I thought perhaps she'd moved on or been moved on. Julia needs a mirror, a sight test, or some self-awareness, as it staggers me that she cannot see how unflattering her current mode of dress is. It bothers me because she used to know how to dress to make the best of herself I hope it isn't because she's given up caring, or is under the weather health-care.


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I was so mesmerised by Cruella in that Godawful emsemble that I hardly noticed Julia. I checked out the hideous top she was wearing to discover it's supposed to be a dress! On the young slim model on Q's website it looks like something bought from a market stall in the 1990's, but held on to 'cause it'll do to wear to festivals - Basically it doesn't matter if it get's covered in mud and cow sh*t 'cause it's fit for the bin anyway! £49 with p&p!!! Looks really comfortable I'd have to say, but then so are my (£12) jamas and if I'm honest I'd sooner be seen out in the street wearing them, than that monstrosity!


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I quite like Gemma Shepherd for a change from Melissa or Jenny Blackhurst but I can't say I thought much of the outfit she had on. She was on with KT though I think when I watched it - who did look presentable in her outfit. That getup Julia has on is just awful. If her feet are that bad why not just wear slippers?


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