Paper works of art


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Sense of humour intact
Sep 26, 2009
Planet Earth, mostly...
Wasn't sure where to post these - I think they are stunning

Paper sculpture - Canadian CALVIN NICHOLLS

Thanks for posting this Frazzled they're fantastic, I love the hedgehog & birds I'm off to look on line !
Does Dawn Bibby do a kit form of this? pink, lilac and silver no doubt!

Jude xx
I got sent some examples of his work in an email, from a friend in Canada. Like everyone else ....... I think his work is stunning. Makes my origami paper hats look a little tame! :wink:
His work reminds me of wood carvings I bought in Canada. Unfortunately, my ar$eh*le ex took them all (not mention anything else dear to my heart - including my family's jewellery).

Sorry - feeling crappy today, despite looking at these lovely things and the other pics posted :mysmilie_469:
Hedgehog and doves are my favourites! They are all stunning though. Thanks for bumping this thread up as I'd missed it first time around.

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